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#pypy-sync 31st August 2006 

attendants: Anders Lehmann, Antonio Cuni, Armin Rigo, 
            Aurelien Campeas, Maciej Fijalkowski, 
            Guido Wesdorp (partly), Holger Krekel (mods + minutes), 
            Samuele Pedroni, Alexander Schremmer,
            Carl Friedrich Bolz, Eric van Riet Paap

time: 4-4:30pm UTC+2

activity reports

see IRC log 

Rough Sprint planning 

we agreed on the following timing schedule together
with some location suggestions. 

  30th October - 5th November 2006, HHU Duesseldorf 

  8th-14th January 2007, Poland (fijal checks) or GBorg 
  26th feb-4th March 2006, Hildesheim / Trillke (offered, or somewhere else)

concrete sprint planning beginning November/HHU Duesseldorf

* takes place at HHU Duesseldorf, Germany 
* 30th October first day, 5th November 2006 last day (breaks in between) 
* Carl to care for a room starting next week
* Armin to prepare the announcement, to be send out as soon as the
  room is clear 
* many people at the meeting already said they think they can come
* we should consider SOP attendants 

security prototype/workshop time plan

possibility: early january where Armin and Samuele
could attend cause they are in Switzerland anyway.
Otherwise another date in January or February (obviously
not the sprint date) should be fine. 

Implementation approach should be settled latest 
at next sprint at HHU. 

IRC logs 


    Aug 31 16:00:21 <hpk>	hi everybody! 
    Aug 31 16:00:34 <mwh>	hello
    Aug 31 16:00:41 <antocuni>	hi
    Aug 31 16:00:44 <cfbolz>	hi!
    Aug 31 16:00:46 <pedronis>	hi
    Aug 31 16:01:12 <ericvrp>	hi!
    Aug 31 16:01:30 <fijal>	hi
    Aug 31 16:01:43 <hpk>	great that you are all here, here are the topics: 
    Aug 31 16:01:46 <hpk>	* activity reports
    Aug 31 16:01:46 <hpk>	* rough sprint planning till March 2007
    Aug 31 16:01:46 <hpk>	* concrete sprint planning beginning November/HHU Duesseldorf
    Aug 31 16:01:46 <hpk>	* security prototype/workshop time plan
    Aug 31 16:01:52 <arigo>	hi!
    Aug 31 16:01:59 <hpk>	and anything else there might be at the end
    Aug 31 16:02:08 <hpk>	so: activity reports now
    Aug 31 16:02:16 <arigo>	LAST: jit (basic 386 code generator working)
    Aug 31 16:02:16 <arigo>	NEXT: jit
    Aug 31 16:02:16 <arigo>	BLOCKERS: -
    Aug 31 16:02:33 <aleale>	PREV: wp9
    Aug 31 16:02:33 <aleale>	NEXT: wp9 SPARQL, testing with DFKI ontology
    Aug 31 16:02:33 <aleale>	Blockers: -
    Aug 31 16:02:39 <antocuni>	LAST: none
    Aug 31 16:02:41 <antocuni>	NEXT: none
    Aug 31 16:02:42 <antocuni>	BLOCKER: some job to be done befero my departure
    Aug 31 16:02:44 <hpk>	LAST: ireland sprint, prepare distributed testing merge, spr
    Aug 31 16:02:44 <hpk>	int planning
    Aug 31 16:02:44 <hpk>	NEXT: distributed testing merge, settling sprint and workshop dates
    Aug 31 16:02:44 <hpk>	BLOCKERS: -
    Aug 31 16:02:47 <fijal>	LAST: web interface for distributed py.test, bugfixes. Some graph transforms.
    Aug 31 16:02:47 <fijal>	NEXT: more graph transforming, some helpers to do it before rtyping
    Aug 31 16:02:47 <fijal>	BLOCKERS: lack of proper interface for manipulating graphs before rtyping.
    Aug 31 16:02:54 <mwh>	LAST: sprint recovery, removing zeroing
    Aug 31 16:03:05 <mwh>	NEXT: moving flats, killing keepalives
    Aug 31 16:03:15 <mwh>	BLOCKERS: will be offline a bit this week
    Aug 31 16:03:17 <ericvrp>	last: pypy-js TurboGears integration, non-pypy
    Aug 31 16:03:17 <ericvrp>	next: more of the above
    Aug 31 16:03:17 <ericvrp>	blockers: none
    Aug 31 16:03:41 <hpk>	xorAxAx: anything you might want to report? 
    Aug 31 16:03:51 <pedronis>	LAST: jit
    Aug 31 16:03:53 <pedronis>	NEXT: jit
    Aug 31 16:03:54 <pedronis>	BLOCKERS: (a bit laptop blues)
    Aug 31 16:03:59 <xorAxAx>	hpk: no, nothing done since last meeting
    Aug 31 16:03:59 -->	cfbolz_ ( has joined #pypy-sync
    Aug 31 16:04:01 <xorAxAx>	nothing planned
    Aug 31 16:04:12 <cfbolz_>	LAST: vacation
    Aug 31 16:04:14 <cfbolz_>	NEXT: finish my paper, config things
    Aug 31 16:04:16 <cfbolz_>	BLOCKERS: None
    Aug 31 16:04:34 <hpk>	ok, thanks, let's head on then to the rough sprint planning part
    Aug 31 16:04:47 <hpk>	there was discussion in ireland about it, and a rough three remaining bigger sprints 
    Aug 31 16:04:57 <hpk>	and possibly a few smaller meetups between people
    Aug 31 16:05:22 <hpk>	first one around early november (next topic for details), and then the next two ones ... 
    Aug 31 16:05:39 <hpk>	i suggest that we try to fix time frames rather soon and try to get people like tim Peters and Chris lattner there
    Aug 31 16:05:50 <hpk>	the earlier we know details the more likely we can get them there
    Aug 31 16:05:52 <hpk>	what do you think? 
    Aug 31 16:06:37 <hpk>	would early november, January and March make sense to you for those sprints?
    Aug 31 16:06:49 <fijal>	I might try to organise sprint in lets say January in Poland
    Aug 31 16:06:56 <fijal>	November seems to soon
    Aug 31 16:07:02 <ericvrp>	Any news from those Nokia people? Will they attempt to join in november?
    Aug 31 16:07:15 <hpk>	right, november there is hhu most likely already for various reasons 
    Aug 31 16:07:17 <cfbolz_>	they want to join a sprint?
    Aug 31 16:07:24 <hpk>	ericvrp: not clear 
    Aug 31 16:07:29 <mwh>	some idea of when i can expect to be in or out of the country would be nice :-)
    Aug 31 16:07:32 <mwh>	+1, in other words
    Aug 31 16:07:48 <aleale>	+1, auc and I are planning a mini-sprint in Paris late september
    Aug 31 16:08:13 <mwh>	when would you be thinking of the two?
    Aug 31 16:08:15 <mwh>	mid jan, late feb?
    Aug 31 16:08:27 <cfbolz_>	hm, I couldn't make it mid jan
    Aug 31 16:08:34 cfbolz cfbolz_ Aug 31 16:08:40 <hpk>	cfbolz_ would early jan be better? 
    Aug 31 16:08:53 <cfbolz_>	14-15 jan is padl, the conference where I submit my paper
    Aug 31 16:09:25 <hpk>	i could imagine that we target 8-14th january 
    Aug 31 16:09:43 <mwh>	hpk: those times make sense for me
    Aug 31 16:10:04 <hpk>	maybe poland, maybe gborg, i'd suggest
    Aug 31 16:10:10 <ericvrp>	I have no clue if I can make it to the sprints after november. The november sprint I do plan to attend as much as possible
    Aug 31 16:10:31 <cfbolz_>	hpk: then I would have to leave earlier, but otherwise ok
    Aug 31 16:10:37 <hpk>	could everyone briefly feedback if 8-14th january would be fine as seen from now? 
    Aug 31 16:10:51 <mwh>	fine for me
    Aug 31 16:10:53 <aleale>	+0
    Aug 31 16:10:54 <arigo>	fine here
    Aug 31 16:10:58 <fijal>	fine for me (for now)
    Aug 31 16:11:03 <antocuni>	fine for me, too
    Aug 31 16:11:55 <hpk>	and then 26th feb-4th March 
    Aug 31 16:12:03 *	ericvrp unclear (usually :0 )
    Aug 31 16:12:26 <hpk>	(i think if we know the times ahead everybody has an easier time for planning)
    Aug 31 16:12:28 <arigo>	no preference so far, all fine
    Aug 31 16:12:48 <mwh>	fine, yes
    Aug 31 16:12:50 <pedronis>	I think those dates are fine
    Aug 31 16:12:57 <cfbolz_>	fine with me
    Aug 31 16:12:58 <hpk>	i'd be fine with doing that sprint here at trillke, btw (four years after the very first pypy sprint :) 
    Aug 31 16:13:07 <cfbolz_>	:-)
    Aug 31 16:13:13 <mwh>	(i bought a ticket for a concert on dec 13, and was then worried, i'd like to not have that again :)
    Aug 31 16:13:20 <fijal>	and November terms are any exact?
    Aug 31 16:13:26 <hpk>	november comes next 
    Aug 31 16:13:43 <hpk>	so let's take those january and feb/march time as the current plan, i'll write it into the minutes 
    Aug 31 16:14:08 <hpk>	fijal looks for a place in that time in poland, but gborg is fine as well, i think (or leysin :) 
    Aug 31 16:14:22 <hpk>	topic closed then
    Aug 31 16:14:30 <hpk>	next: november sprint
    Aug 31 16:14:40 <hpk>	i think everybody is fine with DDorf, right? 
    Aug 31 16:14:46 <fijal>	right
    Aug 31 16:14:52 <pedronis>	yes
    Aug 31 16:14:59 <antocuni>	yes
    Aug 31 16:15:03 <aleale>	ok
    Aug 31 16:15:04 <mwh>	yes
    Aug 31 16:15:10 -->	guido_w ( has joined #pypy-sync
    Aug 31 16:15:10 <ericvrp>	yes
    Aug 31 16:15:12 <hpk>	so what about 30th October-5th November? 
    Aug 31 16:15:17 <cfbolz_>	well, I have not really looked for a room yet
    Aug 31 16:15:19 cfbolz cfbolz_ Aug 31 16:15:20 <arigo>	the plan was earlier than that, but fine too
    Aug 31 16:15:35 <hpk>	arigo: was it? we said late october/early november, after OOPSLA 
    Aug 31 16:15:43 <cfbolz_>	when is oopsla?
    Aug 31 16:15:53 <hpk>	22-26th Oct or so? 
    Aug 31 16:16:09 <cfbolz_>	we could do it beginning october, before lectures start
    Aug 31 16:16:42 <--	cfbolz has quit (Nick collision from services.)
    Aug 31 16:16:44 ---	cfbolz_ is now known as cfbolz
    Aug 31 16:16:54 <hpk>	the focus was on having those sprints newcomer friendly 
    Aug 31 16:17:03 <hpk>	is that sensible for early october? 
    Aug 31 16:17:15 <cfbolz>	why is that a time question?
    Aug 31 16:17:17 <mwh>	beginning october less good for me for selfish reasons
    Aug 31 16:17:21 <cfbolz>	:-)
    Aug 31 16:17:45 <cfbolz>	I will try to investigate the room situation next week, but I am also confident that we can find something even end october
    Aug 31 16:17:46 <hpk>	cfbolz: four weeks is rather soon for getting the word out, people planning to fly in, also consdiering that the annoucnement will take some more days :) 
    Aug 31 16:18:04 <cfbolz>	hpk: ah, sorry
    Aug 31 16:18:06 <arigo>	end October makes sense, indeed
    Aug 31 16:18:11 <cfbolz>	hpk: I forgot that part
    Aug 31 16:18:20 <fijal>	for me as well october begin is not good point
    Aug 31 16:18:25 <cfbolz>	ok, ok :-)
    Aug 31 16:18:39 <hpk>	so 30th-5th? 
    Aug 31 16:18:48 <mwh>	works for me
    Aug 31 16:19:01 <fijal>	ok
    Aug 31 16:19:03 <aleale>	+1
    Aug 31 16:19:10 <ericvrp>	ok
    Aug 31 16:19:10 <arigo>	ok
    Aug 31 16:19:12 <antocuni>	ok
    Aug 31 16:19:13 <pedronis>	ok
    Aug 31 16:19:16 <hpk>	ok, cool 
    Aug 31 16:19:24 <hpk>	cfbolz cares for getting a room, then, i guess until next week 
    Aug 31 16:19:30 <hpk>	and let's get an announcement out early next week 
    Aug 31 16:19:35 <hpk>	and ask Richard and others to join as well 
    Aug 31 16:19:47 <hpk>	Stephan Diehl will also re-enter, he mailed me and will try to make the sprint 
    Aug 31 16:19:51 <cfbolz>	I will _start_ next week, won't find anybody this week
    Aug 31 16:20:07 <hpk>	cfbolz: ok, sorry :) 
    Aug 31 16:20:13 <cfbolz>	np :-)
    Aug 31 16:20:20 <hpk>	anyway, it's somewhat safe to assume that we find a room, i'd hope
    Aug 31 16:20:39 <hpk>	cfbolz: otherwise alarm us as early as possible 
    Aug 31 16:20:55 <cfbolz>	hpk: yes, I think so
    Aug 31 16:20:57 <cfbolz>	will do
    Aug 31 16:20:59 <hpk>	so last bit: who prepares and reviews an announcement? 
    Aug 31 16:21:07 <cfbolz>	what are the topics anyway?
    Aug 31 16:21:31 <hpk>	i think it's rather wide open, isn't it? 
    Aug 31 16:21:46 <cfbolz>	like at ep?
    Aug 31 16:22:15 <hpk>	maybe we could try to ask all attendants to state more clearly their intentions/interests 1-2 weeks ahead 
    Aug 31 16:22:26 <cfbolz>	good plan
    Aug 31 16:22:29 <hpk>	so that we can think/discuss how to do it (considering that it might become a rather large sprint)
    Aug 31 16:22:46 <arigo>	not sure about that
    Aug 31 16:22:58 <arigo>	why do you expect it to become a rather large sprint?
    Aug 31 16:23:13 <hpk>	anyway, SOP prospects will need to clearly state their work intentions, btw
    Aug 31 16:23:28 <cfbolz>	do we have any in sight?
    Aug 31 16:23:45 <hpk>	there is one pending from brazil (porting modules and a js frontend) 
    Aug 31 16:23:56 <hpk>	but the announcement might stir new ones, who knows 
    Aug 31 16:23:59 <arigo>	he dropped the js bit, didn't he?
    Aug 31 16:24:07 <cfbolz>	he dropped it, yes
    Aug 31 16:24:09 <cfbolz>	:-*
    Aug 31 16:24:12 <hpk>	didn't read anything explicit, but ok
    Aug 31 16:24:22 <hpk>	arigo: because we are already like 10 people known to come now, i gather
    Aug 31 16:24:41 <hpk>	but true, i don't actually know 
    Aug 31 16:24:49 <hpk>	anyway, who writes the announcement? 
    Aug 31 16:24:52 <hpk>	arigo: you want to? :) 
    Aug 31 16:25:43 <arigo>	ok
    Aug 31 16:26:02 <hpk>	i can review if its ready before monday next week 
    Aug 31 16:26:25 <hpk>	and if the room is safe enough we send out next week 
    Aug 31 16:26:31 <hpk>	topic closed then 
    Aug 31 16:26:39 <hpk>	last one is the security workshop 
    Aug 31 16:27:04 <hpk>	current plan is to do it between sometime january/february 
    Aug 31 16:27:28 <hpk>	one of the IBM guys from the US might be around christmas + new years eve actually
    Aug 31 16:27:46 <hpk>	but that might be too early, consdidering my earlier discussions with pedronis and arre 
    Aug 31 16:28:08 <hpk>	it's like it's going to be in Zuerich
    Aug 31 16:28:38 <mwh>	how many of us would be expected to attend?
    Aug 31 16:28:45 <hpk>	2-3 people should be enough 
    Aug 31 16:29:21 <hpk>	arigo, pedronis: would it make sense to do one early january, considering that you might be in switzerland anyway? 
    Aug 31 16:29:44 <hpk>	we do not need to present anything finished, just show that we can do something useful and discuss with them, that's it i'd say
    Aug 31 16:29:45 <arigo>	yes, makes sense to me
    Aug 31 16:29:47 <pedronis>	that could work
    Aug 31 16:29:56 <hpk>	ok, i'll check that out and keep you mailed 
    Aug 31 16:30:02 <hpk>	otherwise later january/february i suspect 
    Aug 31 16:30:07 <hpk>	good skiing time in leysin, hum :) 
    Aug 31 16:30:23 <hpk>	let's settle on an implementation approach by the time of the next sprint
    Aug 31 16:30:47 <hpk>	meeting is closed then from my side 
    Aug 31 16:30:53 <hpk>	thanks all for coming!
    Aug 31 16:31:00 <cfbolz>	thanks for moderating
    Aug 31 16:31:09 <mwh>	thank you
    Aug 31 16:31:15 <ericvrp>	bedankt!
    Aug 31 16:31:43 <arigo>	good bye
    Aug 31 16:31:47 <fijal>	bye
    Aug 31 16:31:57 <aleale>	bye
    Aug 31 16:32:00 <ericvrp>	bye
    Aug 31 16:32:01 <--	ericvrp has quit ("Leaving")
    Aug 31 16:32:17 <--	cfbolz ( has left #pypy-sync ("Leaving")
    Aug 31 16:32:20 <antocuni>	bye