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extradoc / planning / 1.0 / docs-refactoring.txt

      - mission statement should emphasize VM framework/translation and not mention project results 
      - always clearly separate the talk about the VM translation 
        framework and the Python implementation (and its features) 
        for example "PyPy - implementation of python in python" 
        as the first title is misleading.  maybe something like: 

        a) PyPy is a VM/VHLL translation framework (or whatever we settle on)
        b) already contains a full Python implementation
           part of which is re-used from the translation framework 
           to analyse RPython programs (abstract interpretation ...)
      - make the descriptions more "future" proof, i.e. 
        not reflecting the current state, possibly shortening
      - check other entry level docs (also FAQ) for keeping to this
        updated view 

      rationale for looking in more depth at architecture.txt: 
      this document and getting-started.txt document are
      the most viewed (arch: 1500 times in march, getting-started: 
      around 2200 times) ones and people expect archictecture.txt
      to reflect our view on the project. 

* current play1 entry points docs: 
  taint: objspace-proxies.html#the-taint-object-space
  thunk: objspace-proxies.html#the-thunk-object-space
  stackless: stackless.html 
  TProxies: objspspace-proxies.html#tproxy