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Rough preparation draft for saturday-afternoon 20051015 meeting Paris  

work group/pairing status 

- ootypes / rtyper refactoring: 
  Boris reports: continued to refactor rypting into 
  non-ll specific and ll-specific parts.  still a lot 
  of work to be done (currently you can specialize 
  an empty class with the oo-type system). 
  bert: squeak backend uses the oo-type system and 
  creates squeak class definitions. (oo-types are
  built manually there at the moment). 
- socket module: 
  all the interface is wrapped/implemented at interpreter-level 
  and is reusing the underlying (cpython) socket module.  There is 
  not translation/external function calls yet (which will introduce 
  platform issues).  
- numeric module: 
  started the basic Array type, you can construct such types that 
  contain floats or integers, and you can have efficient slices 
  (reusing the same underlying array).  The base Array class 
  is not connected to storage, subclasses are (specific to floats/ints). 
- l3interpreter: 
  have a refined very-low-level flow graph model, and we can 
  pass in integers and do addition. also the l3intepreter 
  is translateable and passes tests.  
- compiler issues
  ran the core compliancy tests (failing ones are mostly 
  due to missing weakref support).  problem is that we 
  are having a mix of all slightly incorrect compiler 
  (or at least don't know if they/which are correct) 
  variations.  It seems to make more sense to contribute the
  whole astcompiler rather than trying to come up with patches
  to the CPython version. 
- translation issues: 
  compliance tests start to run on pypy-c ( 
  but there are likely more bugs/issues lurking. 
  christian is working on locality of references by 
  analysing flowgraphs. 

pypy technical task planning 

Identify tasks to be done in between sprints, start with 
see paris-2005-possible-tasks.txt:
- full compiler/parser integration  

- pypy-sync meetings should constantly track/amend/modify those 
  technical tasks and in general focus on technical issues 
  NOTE though: pypy-sync cannot focus too much on EU requirements 
  because it's a more open/community forum. 

- idea is to collect all larger tasks and bring plannings 
  to the pypy-sync meetings.  Carl is going to do the next 
  pypy-sync meeting.  Send plans/larger task plannings to
  the moderators and don't wait until the moderator generates
  the idea himself. 

sprints & conferences 


  * 23-29th January: CS Dep. of the Palma de Mallorca University/CS Dep.
  * of the Barcelona University. Bea check dates, Bruxelles/Louvain-la-neuve,  
  * 27 Feb - 1st March: PyCon (24-26 Feb, 2006 Dallas, Texas,
    postsprint, Michael/Holger, Armin, Christian, Bea), DEADLINE 30th
  * April Japan: (1) April 23 to April 29, (2) April 30 to May 5, contact: Yutaka Niibe, 
    National Institute of AIST, Japan (FSIJ) Akihabara, Tokyo (Bea), venue for 32 people. 
    (However, check with the EU).  

  * (IBM workshop possibly end June, holger) 
  * 6-9th (?) July: Europython Cern (3-5th July maybe in Leysin (Armin) Swizerland, 
    and the post-sprint at CERN, Michael/Holger) 
  * 21-27th August: University of Limerick/Ireland (Bea), maybe good possibility 
    to present pypy results to researchers. 

  * 2-8th October: ?
  * November: closure sprint 

  * Other general possibilities: Romania, Switzerland (Leysin,Bern), Bristol, Uganda (Nkozi), bruxelles 

- Conference/y�talks planning: 

  FIXED:27th October2005 PMI Chapter Sweden, methodology/PyPy talk in Link�ping (Bea)

  HALF-FIXED: 8th December 2005 Calibre/agile development workshop in
  Bruxelles, Bea, Holger, Alastair attending (or maybe
  just two persons).  Bea coordinates (Alastair?). 

  HALF-FIXED: CCC 27th-30th December Berlin (pypy technical talk accepted, 
  non-technical talk pending, may be unlikely, holger is keeping 

  HALF-FIXED: 17th January 2006 (16th and or 18th): IONA/University College Dublin (UCD)+second university, 
  contact Joe Kiniry UCD, Sean Baker/Niall Donelly IONA)
  Holger/Bea do talks about PyPy - methodology and tehnical aspects

  FIXED: Solution Linux 2006 (31st Januray-2nd Feb): 
  Logilab will present PyPy in the "free software models" track in Paris. 

  OPEN: PyCon, 24th-26th Feburary: michael/holger/christian/armin want to submit one or two proposals 
  and go there, also doing a py lib and/or pypy-sprint. Bea wants to submit methodology talk.
  Note that sprints are scheduled after the conf. 
  DEADLINE: 30th October (in two weeks!) 

  OPEN: 3 of March 2006 Sk�vde Sweden, CALIBRE Workshop on Distributed Development, 
  Open Source & Industry- Opportunities, Suspicions, & Strategies (Bea)

  OPEN: ACCU 19th-22nd April 2005 (michael, jacob) 
  Submission date:?

  OPEN: XP 2006, 17-22th June 2006 Oulu Finland 
  Submission date: 1 march 2006 (methodology talk/workshop?/Bea) 

  OPEN: 3-5th July 2006 Europython Cern Switzerland
  Submission date: ?

  OPEN: OOPSLA 2006 (Samuele, Armin)
  Submission date: 18th March 2006

  OPEN: Calibre conferences

  OPEN: Agile Alliance conferences?
  Submission date: ?

EU-related Workpackage planning phase 2 

- WP09 and WP10 done and coordinated by logilab/dfki 
  people.  they should update the rest of us regarding 
  planning and also communicate regarding 
  possible related sprint topics. 

- WP02 dev infrastructure is merlinux responsibility, 
  should also suggest sprint topics (considering e.g. 
  a py lib sprint at PyCon ...) 

- other WPs in phase 2 are probably more generally in 
  common responsibility (like WP04/WP05) with the lead 
  partner taking special responsibility (towards the EU): 

  - WP03 (HHU) synchronisation CPython 
  - WP06 (HHU) core optimisations 
  - WP07 (tismerysoft) translator optimisations 
  - WP08 (Strakt) dynamic optimisations 
  - WP14 (Changemaker) dissemination/project representation 


  - WP05: left over work for Impara (when they get accepted)?