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Author: Beatrice Düring

Sprint planning PyPy

January/Palma de Mallorca

Time & location: 23-29th January 2006, CS Dep. of the Palma de 
Mallorca University/GNU Linux lab.

Nature: open 

Primary organizer: Bea

February/PyCon (USA)

Time & location: 27 Feb - 1st March 2006 PyCon 
(24-26 Feb, 2006 Dallas, Texas,

Nature: postsprint

Primary organizer: Holger and Michael


Time & location: Louvain-La-Neuve 6th-10th March

Nature: joint sprint with OZ community and Roel Wuyts/ULB attending. 
DFKI and Logilab primarily + Samuele, Carl F.

Primary organizer: Nicolas Chauvat


Time & location: 3rd to 9th of April, 2006, Leysin, Switzerland

Nature: closed/core

Primary organizer: Armin


Time & location: 23rd to 29th of April, 2006, host: 
Yutaka Niibe, National Institute of AIST, Japan (FSIJ) 
Akihabara, Tokyo, venue for 32 people. 

Nature: open, dissemination

Primary organizer: Bea


Time & location: 3rd-5th of July, 2005, CERN Switzerland
(sprints at 30th of June-2nd of July and 6th of July to 9th of July)

Nature: presprint/postsprint?

Primary organizer: Michael H, Holger)

August/University of Limerick

Time & location: 21th to 27th of August, 2006 at University
of Limerick, Ireland

Nature: open, dissemination (workshop with Calibre?)

Primary organizer: Bea

Other general possibilities: 
Romania, Switzerland (Leysin,Bern), 
Bristol, Uganda (Nkozi), Bruxelles

October/University Düsseldorf (HHU)
Time and location: 30th October - 5th November 2006, 
at HHU Duesseldorf, Germany

Nature: open, also possible invite specific people, SOP

Primary organizer: Carl Friedrich - location, Armin sprint

Late autumn sprint dates and possible locations (TBD):
8th-14th January 2007, probably Leysin 
26th feb-4th March 2006, Hildesheim / Trillke (offered, or 
  somewhere else)