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.. -*- mode: rst -*-

Mercurial migration plan

- Convert repo from SVN to Mercurial, including all the branches that we can
  find.  IN-PROGRESS (ronny)

- Put the repo on bitbucket/google code: (note that it is a bit outdated)

- Adapt buildbot to pull from hg instead of svn (DONE):


    * live version at: (which pulls
      from the ``pypy-tenative`` above)

- Map codespeak usernames to real name/emails: see usermap.txt:

    * by default, we map each username to just its real name using the info in
      /etc/passwd on codespeak: this should not be an issue for the privacy,
      as the real names are listed in contributor.txt anyway.

    * If people want to put their emails as well, they are welcome to edit
      usernames.txt and put it.  I **strongly** suggest everyone to do it, as
      it is the "standard" way to keep track of authors in the repositories.
      **NOTE**: it is not possible to add the email *after* the conversion has
      been completed.

    * It is important to use the same email address that it is used also for
      e.g. the bitbucket account, so that it is easier for the system to link
      the two correctly.

    * I left "anna", "gintas" and "ignas" out of usermap.txt, because they
      explicitly chose not to be in the contributor list.  Their hg username
      will be simply left untouched (i.e., without real name).

- Email diff: bitbucket has a builtin service to send email diff. It is not
  perfect because the sender of the email is always
  ````.  Personally, I prefer the codespeak way
  to put the author of the commit as the sender, as it simplifies searching in
  the emails.  I think that to start with, the builtin service is enough, but
  in the future we might want to write our own hook to send emails in the
  "codespeak way".

- I tentatively tried to send the commits of the bot2 repo to, but they did not arrive.  Probably because the
  mailing list blocks mails if the author is not subscribed?
  <hpk> i added * to allowed addresses.
  <anto> cool, it works :-)

- IRC bot: bitbucket has a builtin hook for; alternatively, we can try
  to adapt kenaan: who owns it?
  <hpk> exarkun ASFAIK