extradoc / sprintinfo / ddorf2006 / day0-issue-status.txt

Planning/status for the first morning

Holger is AWOL, Christian is doing paperwork, Armin and Nik aren't here yet...

Looking at the 0.9 issues, critical first:

* 111	test reports / platform sorted :


* 194	Advance rctypes approach to become usable

  Basically done (ask Armin)

* 197	implement __del__ support for framework gcs

  Needs more testing (particularly with the stacklessgc), but we think this

* 198	implement tasklet pickling

  No problem at all! hahahaha

  - finish needed object type pickling/unpickling
  - finish and integrate explict resume points support
  - use the latter to implement restarting after unpickling
    (likely hack! hack! hack! until it works)

  Tasklet cloning has become completely different, that kind of works now
  (needs more testing).

* 30	dist -> trunk, dist becomes newest release

  Not something to do at a sprint.

* 81	weakrefs

  This is about 90% done, only the other 90% to go :)
  Many of the CPython tests are hopeless, we need
  modified-2.4.1/test/  Exposing gc.collect() would help.

Now the bugs:

* 137	Control-C runtime support

  No progress here.  Hopefully not that hard.

* 181	time module is incomplete

  Will be done by the SoC ctypes project we hope :)

* 182	compiler crash on windows

  We need a windows user for this?

* 183	windows build needs superuser

  This too.

* 184	compiled pypy-c is host dependent

  How much of this do we want to do for 0.9?

* 195	Make website doc generation more reliable


* 21 needs more tests

  Yes, it does.

* 22	app-level docstrings missing everywhere

  Should be an easy sprint task.

* 3	fix real bugs exposed by test_descr

  We can do this now we have weakrefs, but it's a bonus point type task.
* 95	create a glossary for common PyPy terms

  Should be done, at last.


* 101	Tool for discovering REV that broke translation	

  We're surviving without it ok, eric's nightly benchmarks help.

* 103	finish posix module


* 145	implement -m command line option

  Probably not critical for 0.9.

* 199	finish app-level stackless support

  This should be rated 'critical'!  Not sure what the status is.

* 200	moving gcs

  Another GC bonus point.  Probably not going to happen for 0.9.

* 34	running translator goals per revision

  See comments on issue101.

* 41	roadmap till PyPy 1.x

  Well, yes.  We need to have this by the end of the sprint, I guess.

* 44	have a doc chapter for CPython-dev'ers

  This is part of getting the ext-compiler to be usable in some sense.
  There should be an "0.9 documentation" issue.

* 74	come up with nice pictures/diagrams

  It's not so much coming up with these things as actually linking to them
  from the docs that remains to be done.


* 133	remove unused files

  Part of preparing for the release.

* 4	code integrity in documentation

  No closer to fixing the hard problems at the moment?

* 6	Allow users to specify 'allwaysnosy'

  This is a codespeak issue, mainly.