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Gothenburg Coding Sprint 7/12-11/12 2005

Ludovic Aubry        5/12-10/12    
Adrien Di Mascio     5/12-10/12   
Jacob Hallen                     
Laura Creighton                 
Beatrice Duering     5/12-11/12 
Armin Rigo           5/12-11/12 
Samuele Pedroni      5/12-11/12 
Anders Chrigstroem   5/12-11/12 
Eric van Riet Paap   6/12-11/12 
Michael Hudson       5/12-11/12 
Carl Friedrich Bolz  5/12-11/12 
Anders Lehmann       4/12-11/12
Christian Tismer     4/12-11/12
Niklaus Haldimann    6/12-11/12
Richard Emslie       5/12-11/12
Johan Hahn           7/12-

Thursday afternoon: half-breakday (starting at 15.00)

Possible sprint tasks / Work distribution after the sprint

JIT work 

see doc/discussion/draft-jit-ideas.txt

- toy target intepreter + parser/assembler (DONE)
- low-level graphs abstract interpreter: Armin, Michael, Carl Friedrich,
- (L3 interpreter: Carl Friedrich)


Expose the low-level switching facilities:

Christian, Richard?

- write RPython structures (tasklet, channel) and basic
  functions for switching
- prototypes for channels and tasklets + tests
- add an app-level interface
- implement support structures - a deque module exists already
  which can be used for channel queues

GC, __del__, weakref

- implement __del__ support in the RTyper and backends (DONE,
  performance killer! 10 times slower! argh!!!), Samuele, Carl Friedrich 

- (possibly implement weakref (at least with Boehm))

- integrate GC construction framework in the backends: Eric, Carl

_socket, C gluing for extensions

- work on _socket: Nik, later
- this exposes limitations in our way to 
  glue to C libraries, think/design solutions: Armin, maybe


- fix stack_too_big with threads on Windows (Johan, work started, help
  needed, Christian)
- investigate why enabling threads creates such a large overhead
- think of a design to release the GIL around blocking calls

possible optimisation work

- look into the perfomance and code path for function calls
  in our interpreter (MOSTLY DONE)
- look into converting the indirect call in the eval loop for bytecode
  dispatch into a switch: probably needs a representation choice in the RTyper,
  a transformation, and integer exitswitch implementation as switch in the
  backends: Arre, Eric
- ...

Logic programming, WP9
(Ludovic, Adrien, maybe some help needed)

- export the AST nodes hierarchy to application level through the
  compiler module (IN-PROGRESS)
  - all the AST tree exported to applevel
  - still need to create new nodes
- export the Grammar representation and provide means to (at least) add
  new rules (long) which involve providing ST->AST transformation functions
  - the grammar rules are exported too

US travel report, maybe towards WP03/WP07

Saturday morning  (DONE)

- telling the story about a commercial travel to the states
  to optimize some Python application - done using RPython
- discussing possible advantages/new goals/extensions to the project
- ideas about producing extension modules: a new object space?

Reports finalization (important!!!, done before 16th December)

- pdf generation (Carl Friedrich)
- beautification (people responsible)

next pypy-sync meeting topics (eric)

- pypy-sync meetings attendance
- mallorca sprint topics