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extradoc / sprintinfo / gothenburg-2009 / planning.txt

People present:
    - Samuele
    - Maciek
    - Carl Friedrich
    - Benjamin
    - Mikael
    - Anto
    - Armin
    - Iko
    - Bea


discussions to be had:
    - what benchmarks do we want for the prototype DONE
    - things we know are missing DONE
    - state of the tests DONE

    - how will Eurostars work, how will work be organized (today at 16.00)
    - what to do with ootype (Anto, Maciek, Armin, Samuele; on Sunday)


Goal: be somehow faster than CPython in real programs

    - Richards
    - Pystone
    - mako, gadfly, templess
    - port some of the JS benchmarks?
    - look at unladden-swallow benchmarks
    - Sympy
    - Simpy?
    - Pyrolog
    - translate.py

- there should be a unified way to run these benchmark
- benchmarks should be run nightly
- we might need a benchmarking server

State of Tests

- coverage holes in metainterp/optimizer
- coverage of x86 backend needs many random runs – check this!
- need more direct tests of the x86 backend
- some funniness in test_ll2ctypes.py
- run random tests for x86 nightly
- we need tests for pypy-jit behaviour that explicitely check whether the loops
  make sense
- the tragedy of the skipped tests

things we know are missing

- virtualizables are not finished
- there is no restriction on the length of the trace
- proper inlining logic
- loop nesting (across calls)
- we need to do something about constantness
- we need to do something about assert isinstance(x, Class)
- more backendopt before jitting, assert removal
- many ooisnull guards in a row
- remove the numerous checks for frame.vable_rti in the
  interpreter (non-JITting) part

- speed of tracing and fallbacks?

- recompilation after every bridge is bad
- jump backward in x86 backend is inefficient
- memory management for the code
- speed of backend?

Python interpreter:
- lookups of various kinds
- calls‽

ootype discussion

- try to unify interfaces to make doing the right thing for ootype easier
- different constraints for different groups of people
- what to do with ootype jit support after Anto finished his PhD?

inlining discussion

- need to trace aggressively
- give up when trace becomes too long
- need to remember when we gave up
- need to reset counters
- tracing aggressively will put pressure on the speed of tracing
- what should we do about recursive calls?
- connecting compiled loops accross a call?


look at tests

 - run tests on branch concerned with the framestack removal and merge if
   none fail (Armin)
 - merge the compiler branch (Benjamin, Armin)
 - write sprint blog post (Maciek, Carl Friedrich)
 - set up test_ll_random to run nightly with x86 backend
 - update things in metainterp/doc

 - compare backend vs gcc quality
 - make x86 not recompile everything
    - think about code memory management

 - constant specnode support DONE

 - general wizardry
 - look at calls performance‽ PROGRESS EXISTS
 - fix the GC backend tests DONE
 - get rid of pups and poshes at the end of the loop in x86 backend DONE
 - investigate lib-python tests DONE
 - decide on benchmarks that represent calls (Benjamin)
 - decide what to do with resizable lists DONE

 - find out what's really going on with richards DONE
 - write small tests that cover virtualizables and inlining in conjunction
   (Armin, Benjamin)
 - fix ll2ctypes (Samuele, Maciek)
 - look into virtualizables on ootype (Anto, Carl Friedrich)

After the Sprint

- migrate tasks to extradoc/planning/jit.txt
- merge the jit branch to trunk
- upgrade python on wyvern
- improve test running, compile only once
- sort out a benchmark infrastructure. graphs!!!
- investigate test coverage
- inlining on the Python level
- streamline calls
- stability‽
- nightly run of checks on output of pypy-c-jit