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Just some quick (and probably confused) notes about went on at the 
Hildesheim sprint day 1. Corrections welcome.
As in Gothenburg we tried to write an evolving file that listed all the 


somehow we didn't get very far and decided that we just would all work 
on rtyper issues. The following people are here: Hogler, Armin, Samuele, 
Christian, Richard, Carl Friedrich.

Holger and Richard paired and started removing some amount of faking 
in PyPy. They did this by removing the usage of file as well as 
stdout/stdin in the PyPy interpreter and resorting to the os primitives 
instead, which can be more easily translated to C.

Armin and Christian worked on various rtyper issues. They worked on 
unicode, fixed hashing for numerical types, and worked on marshal.

Samuele and me worked on external functions. We cleaned up some of the 
hooks that were there before the current external function mechanism and 
implemented some math and os function for the C backend so that you can 
now actually use some of the primitive file operations like fdopen, 
stat, write... without using the CPython API.


Carl Friedrich

Hi folks, 

the end of the world is near ... 
following up on Carl's day 1 report here are the main results
of what happened up until now at the hildesheim2 sprint (we are
in the break day currently which we spent in the city, at
Wing-Tsun lessons or at family meetings). 

The main results so far are: 

- any faking can be removed now with 

    python2.4 py.py --file --nofakedmodules 

  so on the trunk you should see no 'faking' messages
  during startup anymore. It will take some time
  mostly because of the 'file' implementation living
  at app-level.  Note that we have some problems
  running on top of Python2.3 at the moment and 
  also some more problems with PYC file support. 

- Annotation can now complete without 
  resorting to any SomeObjects anywhere (!!)

- RTyping has only 2 Errors remaining. The next bigger
  problem is getting the compiler package integrated 
  and bootstrapped properly. 

- note that we are not working from the snapshot 
  but the trunk currently.  After the sprint 
  we probably return to the snapshot approach
  for translation. 

If you want to see more detailed daily-updated progress 
reports i suggest to read and follow the commits on 

Moreover, i shot a few pictures which i put here: 


and here is a picture of the surrounding place 
(Trillke-Gut, my living&working base): 




P.S.: It appears that we will have to continue our
      investigations regarding some of the current problems on
      the astral plane.  Armin and Carl has already spend some
      time on assembler level yesterday to hunt down the
      weirdest TCC interactions. But there are other confusing
      events as well.  um, we watched 'the nine lives of
      Thomas Katz' yesterday night, btw.  
      Anyway, we are still taking bets if the first C-generated
      annotated RTyped PyPy is to produce a segmentation fault
      in the C-compiler or in the resulting binary.