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Ireland PyPy sprint 21th-27th August 2006

The next PyPy sprint will happen in the nice city of 
Limerick in Ireland from 21st till 27th August.  
(Most people intend to arrive 20th August). 

The main focus of the sprint will be on JIT compiler works, 
various optimization works, porting extension modules, 
infrastructure works like a build tool for PyPy, or 
extended (distributed) testing. 

It's also open to new topics.  If you are a student
consider to participate in `Summer of PyPy`_ in order 
get funding for your travels and accomodation. 

The sprint is being hosted by University of Limerick
( - and is arranged in co-operation
with people from our sister project Calibre (
Our contact at the University is Pär Ĺgerfalk and Eoin

.. _`Summer of PyPy`:

Workshop parallell to the first day of the sprint, 21st of August

During the first day (21st of August) there will be in parallell to the sprint:

* a workshop covering more in-depth methodology aspects of PyPy 
  aiming at explaining the pros and cons of sprint-driven development.
  (suited for sprint attendants, students, staff and other 
  interested parties from/around the University and the local area)

The workshop participants (mostly University of Limerick researchers) will 
observe the sprint during parts of the first day, film an take pictures as well.

Tutorial, PyPy introduction and dinner on friday, 25th of August

During friday we will arrange a tutorial and technical 
introduction to the PyPy codebase, followed by a Q&A session. This session was originally
planned for the first day but we moved it to friday afternoon in order to 
make it easier for people from the irish python group to participate. 
This tutorial session starts at 5pm. At 8pm we go for a nice dinner together.

This friday afternoon tutorial session and dinner is open for anyone interested,
you do not have to be a sprint participant to join us for this event.

If you want to come ...

If you'd like to come, please subscribe to the `pypy-sprint mailing list`_
and drop a note about your interests and post any questions.  More 
organisational information will be send to that list.  We'll keep
a list of `people`_ which we'll update (which you can do so yourself
if you have codespeak commit rights). 

.. _`Calibre`: 

A small disclaimer:
There might be people visiting the sprint in order to do research on 
how open source communities work, organize and communicate. This 
research might be done via filming, observing or interviewing. 
But of course you will be able to opt-out of being filmed at the sprint. 


NOTE: you need a UK style of power adapter (220V). 

The sprint will be held in the Computer Science Building, room CSG-025, 
University of Limerick (no 7 on 

Bus 308 from Limerick city will take you to no 30 (approx.).
See for more on how to get to UL.

We will have access to the sprint facilities from 09:00-19:00 every day (it might
be even later than 19:00). Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday are sprint days,
Thursday is likely a break day.

Food on campus varies in price and quality ;-) : from ca 4 EUR to 7-8 EUR for 
a lunch. There are of course a lot more food alternatives in down town Limerick.

Next Airports

Shannon Airport (SNN) is the nearest airport (Ryanair flies
there) - you may check out more information about flights
to/from the airport at 

There are busses from there to downtown Limerick, and busses
from Limerick to the UL campus. Taxis are about 35 EUR.


There is a website address for campus accomodation at  

The rate should be 49 euro for Bed and Breakfast.  If you are interested 
in booking campus accommodation, please contact deborah.tudge at ul ie
and make reference to the PyPy workshop and sprint.  Please try 
to book as soon as possible. 

As an off-campus accommodation alternative you can also try:

Castletroy Lodge and Castletroy Inn (Bed and Breakfast)
Dublin Road (15 to 20 mins walk to UL)
Tel: +353 61 338385 / +353 61 331167

- In Castletroy Lodge they've got no rooms for 23,24,25 [just called, fijal]

Brookfield Hall, about 10 minutes walk from UNI.
Could be booked at

.. _`pypy-sprint mailing list`:
.. _`people`: people.html