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Ireland sprint planning

    monday, tuesday, wednesday full days
    thursday half 
    friday 2pm- 
           5pm tutorial  + Q & A session 
    bea arranges a dinner table friday evening 
* core optimizations
  - (done) did a lot of profiling, main finding: GC 
  - optimising GC: (done) by mostly just collecting
    less often :-/
  - experiment with optimising builtin lookups 
    e.g caching method lookups or callback-dict
  - remove the zeroing assumption (more should be
    done on this)

* ext compiler
  maybe a topic for the weekend 

  - first machine code generation tests are passing 
  - (samuele, arre) produce machine code in-memory from running the generated CFGs
  - (michael, arigo) implement more of the interface to generate I386
  machine code; maybe think about refining the interface (also
  considering a PPC asm backend)

* distributed testing
  (maciej, mick)
  more or less done, but many things : 
      - use "/usr/bin/rsync" to sync to remote 
      - master does collection of items 
      - "leaf" items are asynchronously send to "Executors" (running on nodes)
      - super-simple reporting 

  (next) boxing of processes to catch stdout, segfaults, etc.
  (next) http server interface to running tests
  (later) make more test options work, e.g. --pdb, --view...

* (mick, maciej) writing more JS examples

  (arigo) wrote a generic interface that works via greenlets or threads interchangeable (svn/user/arigo/hack/pypeers/bluesock.py)