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Leipzig PyPy sprint June 22 - 27, 2012

The next PyPy sprint will be held --- for the first time in a while ---
in a place where we haven't been so far: Leipzig, Germany, at the
`Python Academy`_'s Teaching Center.  It will take place from the 22nd
to the 27th of June 2012, before EuroPython.  Thanks to Mike Müller for
organizing it!

.. _`Python Academy`: http://www.python-academy.com/

This is a fully public sprint, everyone is welcome to join us.  All days are
full sprint days, so it is recommended to arrive the 21st and leave the 28th.

Topics and goals

Open.  Here are some goals:

- numpy: progress towards completing the ``numpypy`` module; try to
  use it in real code

- stm: progress on Transactional Memory; try out the ``transaction``
  module on real code.

- jit optimizations: there are a number of optimizations we can still
  try out or refactor.

- work on various, more efficient data structures for Python language.
  A good example would be lazy string slicing/concatenation or more efficient

- any other PyPy-related topic is fine too.


Python Academy Leipzig, Germany.
Thanks to Mike Müller for inviting us.

The room holds 8 - 12 people depending how much space each individual
needs.  Drinks, snacks and a simple lunch, e.g. pizza or other fast food
is provided.  Dinner would be extra.

Some accommodations:
Pretty much all hotels and hostels in the city center
are fine too. The tram needs only 16 minutes from the
central station to the Academy location.


For students, we have the possibility to support some costs via PyPy
funds.  Additionally, we can support you applying for grants from the
PSF and other sources.


If you'd like to come, please *sign up* either by announcing yourself on
`pypy-dev`_, or by directly adding yourself to the `list of people`_.
(We need to have a head count for the organization.)  If you are new to
the project please drop a note about your interests and post any

.. _`pypy-dev`: http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/pypy-dev
.. _`list of people`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/extradoc/raw/extradoc/sprintinfo/leipzig2012/people.txt
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