extradoc / sprintinfo / louvain-la-neuve-2006 / planning.txt

Louvain-la-Neuve Logic programming sprint


DONE plan the agenda for tomorrow/thursday (Aurelien, Nicolas)
 * identify parts of the current logic module that can be usefully implemented
   in RPython (Ludovic, Samuele)
 * take a look at existing logic programming software (pychinko,
   GECODE, CWM, tableau, pylog) and at the RETE algorithm. Think about
   integration (Alf, Carl Friedrich, Anders)
 * existing Python syntax/new syntax: look at and update existing document
 * consistency for multi-paradigm programming languages (especially Python)
 * write a glossary for terms that occur


 * description of the Rete algorithm:
 * CWM (closed world machine):
 * pychinko: 
 * pylog (implementation of prolog in python):
 * cookbook receipt that lets one add arbitrary infix binary operators:
 * continuations to implement backtracking search:
 * linear programming with nice syntactic sugar via operator overloading:
 * erlang style message-based communication and concurrency:
 * discussing extending python with future/promises:
 * two python recipes that analyse and transform the bytecode of a function to interpret it as a set of facts and rules: ;