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Louvain-la-Neuve Logic Sprint: Monday March 6th - Friday March 10th 2006 

Where PyPy meets Oz !

Monday and Tuesday to work on PyPy (WP10: logic programming).
Wednesday and Thursday to meet with the people behind Oz.
Friday to work on PyPy.

Goals and topics of the sprint 

While attendees of the sprint are of course welcome to work on what
they wish, we offer these ideas:

  - Experiment with the constraint store and dataflow variables added
    as a library to PyPy.

  - Investigate lazy evaluation and concurrency in Python using
    coroutines and stackless features.

  - Discuss possible syntactical integration of the new logic-related 

  - Come to a shared understanding of what can and cannot be imported
    from Oz

  - more if possible...

PyPy/Oz meeting Agenda

See `PyPy/Oz Agenda`_.

.. _`PyPy/Oz Agenda`:


The sprint will be held at

D�partement d'Ing�nierie Informatique (INFO),
place St Barbe 2,
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Exact times 

The sprint will be held from Monday March 6th noon to Friday March 10th 


If you know that you definitely want to attend our sprint, please
subscribe to the `PyPy sprint mailing list`_, introduce yourself and
post a note that you want to come.  Feel free to ask any questions or
make suggestions there!

There is a separate `Logic Sprint people`_ page tracking who is already
planning to come.  If you have commit rights on codespeak then you can
modify yourself a checkout of

.. _`PyPy sprint mailing list`:
.. _`Logic Sprint people`:


For accomodation on site or nearby:
If you choose "Le Relais", you will be at 12 minutes walk to the
department (and 2 minutes from the train station).
With the hotel "Mercure", it is a 20-30 minutes walk.

you can find a pdf map of louvain-la-neuve at
The Relai is in D6, the Mercure in B-C4 and the Dept. in E8.

If you choose to stay in Brussels, it takes around 50 minutes to get
here by train.
Train schedules are available at:
Bus schedules are at:


Gr�goire Dooms asks:

With respect to internet connectivity, is wavelan ok or do
you need wired access. What traffic/ports should be opened? I have to
make arrangements with the network management team so it would be best
to have this info asap.