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Mallorca planning

People present

Armin Rigo 
Michael Hudson
Samuele Pedroni
Eric van Riet Paap
Carl Friedrich Bolz
Anders Chrigstroem
Christian Tismer
Gerald Klix
Stephan Diehl
Richard Emslie
Beatrice Duering 

People supposedly present

Andrew Thompson
Jacob Hallen


  - JIT: 
    Graph generating ops
    Designed interface (see draft-jit-ideas),
    Refactored llabstractinterp to use the operations
    Started trying to reuse the annotator framework
    for off-line partial evaluation
    Progress, now trying to annotate the toy language interp.
    Arre,  Samuele, Armin on Virtual List
  - integration of the garbage collection toolkit with the
    DONE: offsetof, sizeof work done
    Started: insert GC neeeded behaviour as graph transformations.
    Writing a new function generator in genc for the transformed
    graphs... Added cleanup attribute to operations. 
    Branched, genc working again with refcounting. Next: finishing
    plus Boehm policy and likely merging.
    Michael (Samuele) 

  - stackless application level interface: Christian, 
    started from the demo coroutine impl, trying to expose
    at application level, both greenlet and stackless-like interfaces.
    DONE: Exposed coroutines at application-level, support for flags on
    the coroutines to use for other concurrency primitives to
    construct on top of them.
    IN-PROGRESS: extending interface such that coroutines, tasklet,
    greenlets can co-exist peacefully. Now implementing greenlets...

  - improving the way we interface with external functions.
    (also think about how exceptions fit in there):
    add static ctypes functionality into RPython itself
    DONE: glued atoi from ctypes (cheating a bit)
    DONE: basic annotation for ctypes structures and basics types.
    Working on annotating ctypes arrays
    Annotating derefencing. Trying to track ownerships...
    Next would be rtyping...
    Gerald, Stephan

  - express exception raising operations in the graphs as
    calls to helpers (backends could use their special 
    operations) SOME PROGRESS
    Eric, Richard

  ( - l3interp/offsetof/sizeof work:
    Progress. Progress needs either hacks and assuming Boehm
    or GC integration. Try to progress assuming Boehm )


  - our threading implementation is still incredibly
    slow, we need to work on that.

  - refactor argument handling and calls in the object space

  - look into how the LLVM JIT works

  - transformations to be more clever with checking for

  - socket module
    already improved but still far from complete