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Sprint report Paris mini sprint September 25th to 29th

Participants: Aurélien Campéas and Anders Lehmann.

The main goal of the sprint was to enable translation of the Logic
objspace with constraint variables, constraint propagation and
distribution, using clonable computationspaces the Oz style.

After several attempts, in the well known style of translate, add
"assert isinstance(...", translate again ...., we reached a point
were we tripped a bug in the inlining code.

After that bug was fixed we believe that the goal was reached and the
Logic objectspace now translates!

We were not able to actually test if it works though, during the

As a job to do while we were waiting for the translation to fail, a
small test object space were made to experiment with clonable
application level threads. This is not committed as the Logic
objecspace contains the functionality.

We also took a stab at "recomputation" (an optimisation technique from
Oz). Lastly, we did some changes to the constraint solver so that it
can run in interpreted mode (this remains completely impossible with
logic programs), i.e without the low-level coroutine cloning
facility. The code was not quite finished at the end of the sprint and
is still uncommitted.