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extradoc / sprintinfo / paris / stackless-workplan.txt

SDG Stackless Development Group


    Christian, Armin 
    Valentino, Amaury 
    Adrien, Anders 

improving / refactoring

- DONE (Valentino, Amaury, Armin) move stack check out of stackless.h, let it
  either unwind or raise RuntimeError
- DONE (Valentino, Amaury, Armin) always use automatic stack check detection
  by default, and test:
  - DONE test_annotated.test_recursion_detection()
  - (progressing) pypy-c running CPython´s test_builtins.py

- DONE (Valentino, Amaury) make Stacklessness a translate_pypy option

- DONE (Anders, Chris) add some documentation about how to make
  a stand-alone target (which is not obvious)
  - done by adding some comment into targetrpystonedalone.py.
    Where else should we put this information? 
    targetnopstandalone.py too.

performance evaluation

- (thinking) merge stackless support and exception handling
  to produce just one if clause. Use small test
  programs to measure the effect (see below).

- DONE (Anders, Chris) write smaller stand-alone applications
  (rpystone, richards), provide benchmark
- DONE (Adrien) check the effect of false branch predicition
  (if slp_frame_stack_bottom etc.)

  - the result appears to be identical, regardless how we
    spell the conditionals :-(

    if(!RPyExceptionOccured()) {} else FAIL();
- (progressing) instrument generated code to provide statistics

  - (waiting) do some source ordering by frequency. See thoughts about
    this in the chapter to come, below.

large open tasks

- design an interface for RPython code to manipulate
  the frame chains

- expose to app-level a greenlet built-in module