extradoc / sprintinfo / post-ep2007 / planning.txt

Goals and topics of the sprint

There are many possible and interesting sprint topics to work on - here
we list some possible task areas:

* completing the missing python 2.5 features and support
* write or port more extension modules (e.g. zlib is missing)
* identify slow areas of PyPy through benchmarking and work on improvements,
  possibly moving app-level parts of the Python interpreter to interp-level
  if useful.
* there are some parts of PyPy in need of refactoring, we may spend some time
  on those, for example:

    - rctypes and the extension compiler need some rethinking
    - support for LLVM 2.0 for the llvm backend
    - ...

* some JIT improvement work
* port the stackless transform to ootypesystem
* make the JIT generate fast code for float operations (??)
* experimenting in the perfect_dict direction (?????)
* other interesting stuff that you would like to work on ...;-)


 * jgustak/antocuni -- pypy.lang.scheme
 * rene/alecu/lucio -- js/actionscript
 * maciej -- pypy-c self hosting
 * christion -- tasklet pickling bugs
 * simon -- rctypes/rffi
 * michael/pedronis -- emptying-the-malloc-zoo (a bit)
 * arlo/jacob -- python 2.5 features/extension modules