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Armin Rigo is one of the initiators of the PyPy project, motivated by
previous Python-related experience.  Indeed, he contributed to the
standard CPython interpreter and developed Psyco, a "just-in-time
specializer" which can transparently accelerate user code.  He is a
member of the Python Software Foundation.

After studies at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), he obtained a
Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory at the Free University of
Brussels (Belgium) in 2001.  He was a researcher at the University of
Southampton (UK) and is now a researcher at the Heinrich-Heine
University of Duesseldorf (Germany).

His current interests are in dynamic programming languages and their
implementation techniques.  His previous work includes 3D modelling and
games and education software.  He is always quickly building some game
or system tool.