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VM portability+flexibility goals with comparisons
(rigidity, less expressiveness of implementation languages)


High-level architecture, shortly

System programming with Python

* PyPy in RPython
* RTyper helpers (ll, oo type systems)
* GC

Manipulatable, e.g. as in Stackless Transform

Type inference details

Flow space, annotator overviews

Not very precise, no automatic polymorphism, but easy to control, fast, easy
and to reuse with different type systems: RPython, ll, oo, rctypes,
BTA (binding-time analysis for the JIT)...  easy custom specializations

Experimental results

a few numbers

Future work


Related work

* Squeak
* Jikes RVM


Works, effectively increases flexibility and expressiveness,
reasonably efficient, quite confusing at times;
work in progress, some things are rough and could use more
streamlined implementations and uniform approaches