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PyPy - Behind the Scenes

:event: EuroPython 2008, Vilnius
:Authors: Holger Krekel & Bea During

Who and how 
- Holger Krekel: merlinux GmbH
- Bea During: Open End AB/Change Maker

We aim to highlight development culture, 
backgrounds, roadmap and funding topics.  

please interrupt and ask questions! 

The When of PyPy
- 2003: startup of PyPy OSS work on codespeak 
  (Python written in Python / Minimal Python) 
- 2004-2007: consolidation through EU-project
  (get your own JIT for your favourite language for free)
- 2008--> towards production ready through company funding 

Development culture
- Mix of agile and OSS practices
- Core practice is sprint-driven development 
- We aim to have a low drop in level (sprints/IRC/mail)
- Mixed interest of being research and real world 
  usage driven

It's all about scope

Making things fit formula:


People->funding contribution and matching interests

The Scope Game/EU-funding

Big design up front, Contractual framework organised via consortium

plus: **Funding makes for more predictable results**


- Guessing game too far into the future

- Reacting/incorporating community contribution

- Adjusting direction based on community needs 

The Scope Game/Company funding (plus)
Google - small increments of work (Ctypes, Django)
Contractually organised through PyPy core companies 

- Small increments->easier to incorporate community
- Small increments->flexibility regarding direction
- PyPy core companies set aside sprint funding
- Companies are need driven
The Scope Game/Company funding (minus)
- All work not suited for small increments
- Company interests not matching contributors interests
- Company interests not matching interests of wider community

Examples: separate compilation, JIT work, 
release work, refactoring etc

The Scope Game/The right time is now
Find the overlap between:

- community needs
- vision and direction of PyPy
- commercial needs

Successful match of these means spot market, 
longer collaborations means partnerships

Technical status 

* Compatibility: very good and getting better 
* Speed: without JIT getting closer to CPython
* Features: threads and ctypes, more extmodules working 
* PyPy well suited to target new platforms 
* JIT: improving, but not ready 

Road map items and goals (1)

- **pypy-c as cpython replacement**
- **robustness** 
- **sandboxing**
- **interactivity / startup time**
- new build targets

Road map items and goals (2)

- Optimize memory resources
- free threading     
- New OO backends / Tamarin  
- **pypy.NET**
- **pypy.JVM**

Road map items and goals (3)

- **JIT Compiler Generator**
- ECMA Javascript Interpreter 
- **Pyrolog**: Prolog 
- **SPY**: Smalltalk/squeak 
- Gaming engines 

Next steps 
* Basis: Many individual contributors 
* incremental proposals -> pypy-c
* longer term:
      - PyJIT (Eurostars)
      - "dynamic internet" (EU framework programme 7)

Contribution and Funding 
- Start using pypy-c 
- Write code, docs, send patches
- Organise or sponsor a sprint 
- Goal oriented contracts 
- write your PHD, thesis about PyPy 
- educate using PyPy 

* Python Implementations: CPython & Jython developers / Sun
* Guido and Google open source proposals   
* SPY (pypy sqeak/smalltalk): Bern University
* LLVM Chris Lattner, Anton Korbeynikov

PyPy contributors 

Armin Rigo, Carl Friedrich Bolz,  Maciej Fijalkowski
Antonio Cuni,  Samuele Pedroni,  Niko Matsakis, 
Holger Krekel, Alexander Schremmer, Amaury Forgeot d Arc,
Christian Tismer, Jacob Hallen, Laura Creighton, Beatrice During, 
Leonardo Santagada, Stephan Diehl, Lene Wagner,
Jean-Paul Calderone, Michael Schneider, Lene Wagner,  
Michael Hudson, Richard Emslie, Eric van Riet Paap, 
Aurelien Campeas, Nikolaus Haldimann, ...

Involved Organisations 

**merlinux**: Holger Krekel, Maciej Fijalkowski, Antonio Cuni, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Lene Wagner

**Open End**: Samuele Pedroni, Bea During, Jacob Hallen, Laura Creighton

**Heinrich Heine University**: Carl Friedrich Bolz, Michael Leuschel, (Armin Rigo) 

**Tismerysoft**: Christian Tismer 

**University of Genova**: Antonio Cuni

Contact, questions, discussion 

Holger Krekel <>

Beatrice During <>  
#pypy on