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:authors: Maciej Fijalkowski (merlinux GmbH), Brian Dorsey (noonhat)
:Title: py.test - rapid testing with minimal effort
:date: 16 March 2008
:Event: Pycon 2008, Chicago IL


* general purpose testing tool

* minimal boilerplate code

* developed partly for purposes of PyPy

Writing tests with py.test

* almost identical to Nose 

* def ``test_foo():`` defines test function

* ``class TestFoo:`` defines test class

* setup/teardown on many levels (module, class, function)

* generative tests::

   def test_one():
       yield function, arg

Automatic test collection

* no need for specific test runners

* simply running py.test is enough

* py.test --collectonly to show tests which would run

* demo

assert by assert

* no self.assertEqual, self.failNotUnlessEqual and friends

* ``assert x == 3`` is enough

* assert reinterpretation

* demo

stdout/err capturing

* no point in showing output of working tests

* leave your debug prints in your tests

* options to control

test selection

* -k selects tests

* -k classname.methodname works as well (trunk only)

* -k -name selects all but name

* multiple -k are treated as "and" operator


* easy_install py

* run py.test on your testing directory

* you can checkout svn trunk directory for
  new cool features

ad-hoc test distribution

* done over py.execnet

* can connect over Popen, Ssh, socket...

* rsyncs local dir, no need to copy files

* demo

web reporter

* useful for running distributed tests

* still needs some work (any volunteers?)


* does the "magic"

* you can add options per-project

* you can change the way tests are run (validating ReST,
  running ecma test suite, etc.)

pypy extenstions

* we use py.test extensively in pypy

* few side-projects, buildbot hooks, htmlconftest

extending - reporters

* parsing output is not any fun in general

* reporter hooks (trunk only)


* 0.9 was Feb 2007, so releasing 1.0 soon

* cleanup a bit, more plugin architecture

* more common interface with Nose (skip, raises, etc)