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Py3k status update #7

This is the seventh status update about our work on the py3k branch, which we can work on thanks to all of the people who donated to the py3k proposal.

The biggest news is that this month Philip started to work on py3k in parallel to Antonio. As such, there was an increased amount of activity.

The py3k buildbots now fully translate the branch every night and run the Python standard library tests.

We currently pass 160 out of approximately 355 modules of CPython's standard test suite, fail 144 and skip approximately 51.

Some highlights:

  • dictviews (the objects returned by dict.keys/values/items) has been greatly improved, and now they full support set operators
  • a lot of tests has been fixed wrt complex numbers (and in particular the __complex__ method)
  • _csv has been fixed and now it correctly handles unicode instead of bytes
  • more parser fixes, py3k list comprehension semantics; now you can no longer access the list comprehension variable after it finishes
  • 2to3'd most of the lib_pypy modules (pypy's custom standard lib replacements/additions)
  • py3-enabled pyrepl: this means that finally readline works at the command prompt, as well as builtins.input(). pdb seems to work, as well as fancycompleter to get colorful TAB completions :-)
  • py3 round
  • further tightening/cleanup of the unicode handling (more usage of surrogateescape, surrogatepass among other things)
  • as well as keeping up with some big changes happening on the default branch and of course various other fixes.

Finally, we would like to thank Amaury Forgeot d'Arc for his significant contributions.

cheers, Philip&Antonio