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extradoc / sprintinfo / hildesheim2-planning.txt

PyPy Hildesheim2 sprint planning (25th-31st July) 

overall time planning:: 
    25th full sprint day 
    26th full sprint day 
    27th afternoon break
    28th morning break 
    29th full sprint day   # (compliance test decision)
    30th full sprint day 
    31th more or less full sprint day 

    each day:  
        9-10 AM breakfast
        10:30 planning session 
        evening: dinner 

    Carl Friedrich Bolz   
    Richard Emslie        
    Armin Rigo            
    Holger Krekel         whole-time 
    Christian Tismer      whole-time 
    Samuele Pedroni       whole-time  


Current Main task: RTYPER issues


    - (Holger, Armin) add a compiling option to the C backend that allows to 
      generate a standalone binary (as opposed to a Python extension module) 

    - (Samuele, Carl) WRITE A TEST or TRACKER or TRY TO FIX ->
      likely we have a possibly deep exception handling problem:
      implicitely exceptions are attached to the last (high level) 
      operation in a block but when the RTyper converts this operation
      into possibly many low-level operations then it's unlikely 
      that we can preserve the implicit assumption that only 
      the last (low-level) operation possibly raises an exception. 

      solution: unknown at this point. 

      maybe describe a few scenarios regarding exception handling 
      describing the interactions/processing of exceptions in 

    - (Richard) TRACKER -> finish and polish and test our own posix module

    - (Nik with help of one of us)
      integrate Niklaus's applevel _sre module as a mixed module  
      (so that you can switch it in via usemodules=_sre). This may
      also ease moving gradually to an interplevel implementation. 
            full_sre_project/ # with manifest and so on 
            conftest.py # don't recurse into full_sre_project (unless the unittests
            are converted to py.test) 
            __init__.py: (appleveldefs -> full_sre_projec/...) 
            DONE Armin is going to ask niklaus about his plans and 
            suggest something along these lines. 

      OUTCOME: should go as a mixed module, but we don't have to keep the full
      subproject structure but just keep _sre and the tests in PyPy.  Nik will
      keep the stand-alone version only if there is interest.  (The sre-pypy
      branch should be ignored and removed.)

    - (all) investigate the possibility of translating the interactive part of PyPy
      or alternatively (probably preferably) running it completely at applevel

    - (Richard, Eric) more llvm stuff: overflow, missing basic
      operations, and exceptions.  Think about unifying the tests between genc 
      and llvm2.

    - GOOD PROGRESS WE GUESS rewriting the marshal module on interplevel (mostly
      done but there are difficult dependencies on the applevel _codecs.py 
      and some builtins (like frozenset) that live at applevel)