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extradoc / sprintinfo / LouvainLaNeuveReport.txt

LouvainLaNeuveSprint summary report

- enhanced/reviewed standard object space 

  - reviewed, improved and enriched object implementations
    mostly done by Christian, Alex 
    boolobject_, cpythonobject_, instmethodobject_, longobject_ (removed),
    sliceobject_, userobject_, dictobject_, iterobject_.

  - stringobject was completed with lots of tests 
    (Tomek, Guenter)

  - various improvements/bugfixes in a lot of objects/types

  - implemented tool/methodChecker.py to examine which methods 
    are existing on the types of the standard object space 

- implemented language features
    - implemented nested scopes (Michael, Holger)
      dissassociated the frame.locals implementation from
      the dict objectspace implementation (Guido, Holger)

    - implemented generators (Michael, Holger)  in Std,Triv space

    - implemented unbound methods and descriptors (Michael, Samuele)

    - first cut at implementing the right __new__/__init__ semantics 
      (Armin, Samuele)

    - use intepreter-level Python class inheritance for structure
      sharing for user subclasses of builtin types, switched to an
      indipendent hierarchy for mm-dispatch purposes (dispatchclass attr)
      (Samuele, design discussion with Armin)

- implemented the beginnings of the AnnotationObjectSpace
  (Armin, Guido, Michael) for abstract interpretation.

- added lots of tests (all of us)

- refactoring of argument-parsing for tool/test.py 
  and introduction of the "py.py" tool that unifies 
  executing commands, files and going interactive. 

- refactoring, improvements of multimethods (Armin, Samuele)

- documentation was restructured and transfered from
  the wiki to subversion. The documents are now in reST-format 
  Also improvements and crossreferences between the
  documents. (Anna)
  a trigger was implemented that generates the new html-pages after 
  each checkin in the pypy/trunk/doc directory. (Holger)

- OSCON-2003 paper was beeing worked on and enhanced! 
  (Laura, Jacob, Guido, Armin, ...)

- we had a discussion about EU-Funding. The EU currently
  puts forward a Call for Proposals which apparently fits
  the goals of pypy-development very much. There is interest 
  among current developers to go in this direction.

- bugfixes, refactorings and adding tests all over the place 


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.. _cpythonobject: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-svn/2003-June/000385.html
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