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Again improve help message.

* put common case first.
* add help showing how to collect log manually.

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File _jitviewer/

 DESCR = """Jit Viewer: A web-based browser for PyPy log files"""
 EPILOG = """
+Typical usage with no existing log file:
+ --collect pypy <your script> <arg1> ... <argn>
 Typical usage with existing log file: --log <path to your log file>
-Typical usage with no existing log file:
+where you collected a logfile by setting PYPYLOG, e.g.:
- --collect pypy <your script> <arg1> ... <argn>
+    PYPYLOG=jit-log-opt,jit-backend:<path to your log file> pypy arg1 ... argn
-By default the script will run a web server, point your browser to
+By default jitviewer will run a web server. Point your browser to:
 import sys