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Antonio Cuni  committed de507e8

kill parse(), use the version in the jitlogparser

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File _jitviewer/parser.py

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             loops[i].count = count
             i += 1
     return nums
-def parse(input):
-    return ParserWithHtmlRepr(input, None, {}, 'lltype', None,
-                              nonstrict=True).parse()

File bin/jitviewer.py

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 from pypy.tool.jitlogparser.storage import LoopStorage
 from pypy.tool.jitlogparser.parser import adjust_bridges
-from _jitviewer.parser import parse, FunctionHtml, parse_log_counts
+from _jitviewer.parser import ParserWithHtmlRepr, FunctionHtml, parse_log_counts
 from _jitviewer.display import CodeRepr, CodeReprNoFile
 import _jitviewer
         port = int(sys.argv[2])
     storage = LoopStorage(extra_path)
-    loops = [parse(l) for l in extract_category(log, "jit-log-opt-")]
+    loops = [ParserWithHtmlRepr.parse_from_input(l)
+             for l in extract_category(log, "jit-log-opt-")]
     parse_log_counts(extract_category(log, 'jit-backend-count'), loops)
     app = OverrideFlask('__name__', root_path=PATH)