Antonio Cuni committed e4a65bc

show bytecodes which are completely optimized away in gray

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         last_lineno = -1
         for chunk in loop.chunks:
             if chunk.is_bytecode:
+                chunk.cssclass = 'dmp '
+                if len(chunk.operations) <= 1:
+                    chunk.cssclass += 'empty'
+                else:
+                    chunk.cssclass += 'nonempty'
                 no = chunk.lineno
                 if no < last_lineno:
                     no = last_lineno
 .dmp {
-    font-weight: bold;
     margin-left: 3em;
     white-space: pre;
+.nonempty {
+    font-weight: bold;
+.empty {
+    color: #AAA;
 .guard {
     border: 1px solid #F00;
     margin-left: 2em;


           <div class="operations">
               {% for chunk in sourceline.chunks %}
                  {% if chunk.is_bytecode %}
-                   <span class="dmp">{{chunk.html_repr()}}</span><br/>
+                   <span class="{{chunk.cssclass}}">{{chunk.html_repr()}}</span><br/>
                    {% for op in chunk.operations[1:] %}
                       {% if op.bridge %}
                         <span id="loop-{{}}" class="guard single-operation">{{op.html_repr()}}</span> <a href="#" onClick="replace_from(this, {{}})">&gt;&gt;show bridge</a> (taken {{op.percentage}}%)<br/>
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