jitviewer / _jitviewer / templates / loop.html

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Antonio Cuni
add the possibility to show the bytecode position on demand. Useful when playing with jit hooks, because that is the info you have in the greenkey
Maciej Fijalkowski
add a double loop
Maciej Fijalkowski
make bridges more prominent
Maciej Fijalkowski
fix jitviewer by simplifying how bridges are displayed. various small fixes as well
Ronny Pfannschmidt
shuffle around app code, so we have templates+static in the package
Maciej Fijalkowski
fix for bridges
Maciej Fijalkowski
improve demos and escape the descr
Maciej Fijalkowski
use new features to be able to display assembler, disabled by default
Simon Cross
Get jitviewer to install correctly -- move static and template folders into a package so that they really are package data, add to list of scripts to install, mark jitviewer package as zip unsafe in (since it relies on its package being at a real filesystem path).