jitviewer / README

You need to use PyPy to run this.  To get started, using a recent virtualenv
(1.6.1 or newer), virtualenvwrapper, and a recent PyPy.

PyPy versions correspond to jitviewer tags, so pypy-1.9 tag in jitviewer
means it works with pypy 1.9.

On Mac OSX you will also need to install binutils, to make objdump available.

To create a virtualenv (note that mkvirtualenv only accepts absolute paths):

    mkvirtualenv --python=/path/to/pypy pypy-viewer

Now install the dependencies:

    pip install -r requirements.txt


    python develop

It also requires pypy to be importable (as in source code), you can do this
by setting your ``PYTHONPATH`` enviroment variable.  Make sure that this
source code is (roughly) the same version as the binary pypy that produced
the log file.

For usage information, invoke with --help.

An example log file is shipped with the jitviewer source code.