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A Squeak VM written in RPython, called "SPy VM".

Recent activity


anton_gulenko pushed 4 commits to pypy/lang-smalltalk

e811ac7 - Added code to
63607df - Updated traces in jit tests. They basically stayed the same.
b8fbdd5 - Added some more methods to SmallInteger.
869b409 - Organized the benchmark/util methods on SmallInteger in the minibluebookdebug.image

anton_gulenko pushed 7 commits to pypy/lang-smalltalk

0940a29 - Fixed, added explicit arguments to full-vm interpreter.
a35c94b - Renamed _likely_methodname to lookup_selector and w_compiledin to lookup_class.
fc5bb4c - To determine the containing class of a CompiledMethod, use the class it has been looked up in.
4938970 - Small consistency fixed in W_CompiledMethod and ClassShadow, regarding versioning.
41968a0 - Fixed up a little bit.
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