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An...@Anton-Vaio  committed 69ec95f

Added TODO and small consistency fix.

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File spyvm/fieldtypes.py

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         # This is a weird and rare special case for w_nil
         return ListStorageStrategy.singleton
     if s_containing_class.isvariable():
+        if only_list_storage:
+            return ListStorageStrategy.singleton
         # A newly allocated var-sized object contains only nils.
         return AllNilStorageStrategy.singleton

File spyvm/model.py

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         from spyvm.fieldtypes import strategy_of_size
         """Create new object with size = fixed + variable size."""
         W_AbstractPointersObject.__init__(self, space, w_class, size)
+        # TODO - setting strategy/storage is useless if fillin() will be called afterwards.
         self.strategy = strategy_of_size(self.s_class, size)
         self.set_storage(self.strategy.initial_storage(space, size), self.strategy)