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File source/compat.txt

 already accepted in the main python in newer versions). It supports most
 of the commonly used Python `standard library modules`_; details below.
-PyPy has **alpha/beta-level** support for the `CPython C API`_, however, as of 1.8
+PyPy has **alpha/beta-level** support for the `CPython C API`_, however, as of 1.9
 release this feature is not yet complete. Many libraries will require
 a bit of effort to work, but there are known success stories. Check out
 PyPy blog for updates, as well as the `Compatibility Wiki`__.

File source/download.txt

   as stable as the release, but they contain numerous bugfixes and 
   performance improvements.
-Here are the various binaries of **PyPy 1.8** that we provide for x86 Linux,
+Here are the various binaries of **PyPy 1.9** that we provide for x86 Linux,
 Mac OS/X or Windows.
 .. class:: download_menu
 x86 CPUs that have the SSE2_ instruction set (most of
 them do, nowadays), or on x86-64 CPUs. They also contain `stackless`_
 extensions, like `greenlets`_.
-(This is the official release 1.8;
+(This is the official release 1.9;
 for the most up-to-date version see below.)
 * `Linux binary (32bit)`__
 * `Windows binary (32bit)`__ (you need the `VS 2010 runtime libraries`_)
   *note: the zip file contains the wrong version, msvcrt90.dll :-(*
-.. __:
-.. __:
-.. __:
-.. __:
+.. __:
+.. __:
+.. __:
+.. __:
 .. _`VS 2010 runtime libraries`:
 If your CPU is really old, it may not have SSE2.  In this case, you need
 .. __:
 .. _`sandbox docs`:
-These versions are not officially part of the release 1.8, which focuses
+These versions are not officially part of the release 1.9, which focuses
 on the JIT.  You can find prebuilt binaries for them on our
 `nightly build`_, or translate_ them yourself.
 uncompressed, they run in-place.  For now you can uncompress them
 either somewhere in your home directory or, say, in ``/opt``, and
 if you want, put a symlink from somewhere like
-``/usr/local/bin/pypy`` to ``/path/to/pypy-1.8/bin/pypy``.  Do
+``/usr/local/bin/pypy`` to ``/path/to/pypy-1.9/bin/pypy``.  Do
 not move or copy the executable ``pypy`` outside the tree --- put
 a symlink to it, otherwise it will not find its libraries.
 1. Get the source code.  The following packages contain the source at
    the same revision as the above binaries:
-   * `pypy-1.8-src.tar.bz2`__ (sources, Unix line endings)
-   * ``__ (sources, Unix line endings too, sorry)
+   * `pypy-1.9-src.tar.bz2`__ (sources, Unix line endings)
+   * ``__ (sources, Unix line endings too, sorry)
-   .. __:
-   .. __:
+   .. __:
+   .. __:
    Or you can checkout the current trunk using Mercurial_ (the trunk
    usually works and is of course more up-to-date)::
 Here are the checksums for each of the downloads (md5 and sha1)::
-   3b81363ccbc042dfdda2fabbf419e788  pypy-1.8-linux64.tar.bz2
-   c4a1d11e0283a390d9e9b801a4633b9f  pypy-1.8-linux.tar.bz2
-   1c293253e8e4df411c3dd59dff82a663  pypy-1.8-osx64.tar.bz2
-   1af8ee722721e9f5fd06b61af530ecb3
+   201d2cce2557e40c784473b471ee1b6b  pypy-1.9-linux64.tar.bz2
+   1a08c88642434fc2e0e4256d351f48db  pypy-1.9-linux.tar.bz2
+   aad9c4b7b827583e37fe8ae0f7cfe0ff  pypy-1.9-osx64.tar.bz2
+   e7655066baed3c7bbbca7df617817dd5
    2c9f0054f3b93a6473f10be35277825a  pypy-1.8-sandbox-linux64.tar.bz2
    009c970b5fa75754ae4c32a5d108a8d4  pypy-1.8-sandbox-linux.tar.bz2
-   661be06978fdc907d84f0ee1f1228c8b  release-1.8.tar.bz2 (source)
+   f92c0171a9578a3e4a0f74947ec596ab  release-1.9.tar.bz2 (source)
+   1c06cc5c35fa17e59acb51e11cdc9b03 (source)
-   a6bb7b277d5186385fd09b71ec4e35c9e93b380d  pypy-1.8-linux64.tar.bz2
-   089f4269a6079da2eabdeabd614f668f56c4121a  pypy-1.8-linux.tar.bz2
-   15b99f780b9714e3ebd82b2e41577afab232d148  pypy-1.8-osx64.tar.bz2
-   77a565b1cfa4874a0079c17edd1b458b20e67bfd
+   51be6b7b802a5239a759e04ae9595082e17c4c70  pypy-1.9-linux64.tar.bz2
+   1bc5d2467039b954f9b7395b3ee1b8407ce1c057  pypy-1.9-linux.tar.bz2
+   825e15724419fbdb6fe215eeea044f9181883c90  pypy-1.9-osx64.tar.bz2
+   4f060f4fab0f07bbc7de0ac8f95275eb08d726a3
    895aaf7bba5787dd30adda5cc0e0e7fc297c0ca7  pypy-1.8-sandbox-linux64.tar.bz2
    be94460bed8b2682880495435c309b6611ae2c31  pypy-1.8-sandbox-linux.tar.bz2
-   4ff684619671d6076879eff88343184d7656c699  release-1.8.tar.bz2 (source)
+   4f060f4fab0f07bbc7de0ac8f95275eb08d726a3  release-1.9.tar.bz2 (source)
+   c3af78c96d73d46e3a6d16d3cd548d9ea48a1820 (source)

File source/features.txt

 PyPy features
-**PyPy 1.8** implements **Python 2.7.2** and runs on Intel
+**PyPy 1.9** implements **Python 2.7.2** and runs on Intel
 `x86 (IA-32)`_ and `x86_64`_ platforms, with ARM and PPC being underway.
 It supports all of the core language, passing the Python test suite
 (with minor modifications that were already accepted in the main python

File source/index.txt

 .. class:: download
-`Download and try out the PyPy release 1.8!`__
+`Download and try out the PyPy release 1.9!`__
 .. __: download.html