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 (This is the official release 1.8;
 for the most up-to-date version see below.)
-* `Linux binary (32bit)`__ (`openssl0.9.8 notes`_)
-* `Linux binary (64bit)`__ (`openssl0.9.8 notes`_)
+* `Linux binary (32bit)`__
+* `Linux binary (64bit)`__
 * `Mac OS/X binary (64bit)`__
 * `Windows binary (32bit)`__ (you need the `VS 2010 runtime libraries`_)
   *note: the zip file contains the wrong version, msvcrt90.dll :-(*
 a symlink to it, otherwise it will not find its libraries.
-.. _`openssl0.9.8 notes`:
-Linux libraries
-Linux binaries require a system with the correct set of libraries.
-Right now one problem is OpenSSL, which some distributions distribute in
-version 0.9.8 and others in version 1.0.0.  The binaries require 0.9.8.
-If you can't install it in your distribution, pick it the latest
-`openssl-0.9.8*.tar.gz from sources`__ and install it with ``./config
-shared; make; make install``.
-.. __: http://www.openssl.org/source/
 .. _translate:
 Building from source