/ revision_march2006.txt;revision March 2006

In order to have an external website servicing information in connection 
to pressreleases and more external newsletter the pypy org page needs updating.

The following changes/adds needs to be done:

- change navigation to links about:
	Home, News, Consortium, Links, Documentation, Community/Coding
		- Links being a page with links to sisterprojects, to commission pages etc
		- Documentation being a page to access published reports, pressreleases, talks, papers, 
		  diagrams, tutorials, pictures, film?
- info regarding industrial impact (why PyPy, gains? what will it provide, which industries/languages
  do we target - who will have use of PyPy???? This info could be on the main page (HOME)

Do we want to have a link to universities, conferences and companies we are in touch with/cooperating with?
Such as UIB, UCD, Iona, x, y, z...
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