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# this registry uses the new interface for external functions

from pypy.rpython.extfunc import register_external

# ___________________________
# math functions

import math
from pypy.rpython.lltypesystem.module import ll_math
from pypy.rpython.ootypesystem.module import ll_math as oo_math
from pypy.rpython.module import ll_os
from pypy.rpython.module import ll_time
from pypy.rlib import rfloat
    import termios
except ImportError:
    from pypy.rpython.module import ll_termios

# the following functions all take one float, return one float
# and are part of math.h
for name in ll_math.unary_math_functions:
    llimpl = getattr(ll_math, 'll_math_%s' % name, None)
        f = getattr(math, name)
    except AttributeError:
        f = getattr(rfloat, name)
    register_external(f, [float], float,
                      export_name="ll_math.ll_math_%s" % name,
                       sandboxsafe=True, llimpl=llimpl)

_register = [  # (module, [(method name, arg types, return type), ...], ...)
    (rfloat, [
        ('isinf', [float], bool),
        ('isnan', [float], bool),
        ('isfinite', [float], bool),
        ('copysign', [float, float], float),
    (math, [
       ('floor', [float], float),
       ('sqrt', [float], float),
       ('log', [float], float),
       ('log10', [float], float),
       ('log1p', [float], float),
       ('sin', [float], float),
       ('cos', [float], float),
       ('atan2', [float, float], float),
       ('hypot', [float, float], float),
       ('frexp', [float], (float, int)),
       ('ldexp', [float, int], float),
       ('modf', [float], (float, float)),
       ('fmod', [float, float], float),
       ('pow', [float, float], float),
for module, methods in _register:
    for name, arg_types, return_type in methods:
        method_name = 'll_math_%s' % name
        oofake = None
        # Things with a tuple return type have a fake impl for RPython, check
        # to see if the method has one.
        if hasattr(oo_math, method_name):
          oofake = getattr(oo_math, method_name)
        register_external(getattr(module, name), arg_types, return_type,
                          export_name='ll_math.%s' % method_name,
                          llimpl=getattr(ll_math, method_name),

# ___________________________
# os.path functions

from pypy.tool.sourcetools import func_with_new_name
import os.path

# os.path.join is RPython, but we don't want to compile it directly
# because it's platform dependant. This is ok for lltype where the
# execution platform is the same as the translation platform, but not
# for ootype where the executable produced by some backends (e.g. CLI,
# JVM) are expected to run everywhere.  Thus, we register it as an
# external function, but we provide a clone for lltype using
# func_with_new_name.

# XXX: I can't see any easy way to provide an oofakeimpl for the
# llinterpreter

path_functions = [
    ('join',     [ll_os.str0, ll_os.str0], ll_os.str0),
    ('dirname',  [ll_os.str0], ll_os.str0),

for name, args, res in path_functions:
    func = getattr(os.path, name)
    llimpl = func_with_new_name(func, name)
    register_external(func, args, res, 'll_os_path.ll_%s' % name,
                      llimpl=llimpl, sandboxsafe=True)

# -------------------- strtod functions ----------------------

from pypy.rpython.module import ll_strtod