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David Malcolm 1e46012 

The ``__pypy__`` module

The ``__pypy__`` module is the main entry point to special features provided
by PyPy's standard interpreter. Its content depends on `configuration options`_ 
which may add new functionality and functions whose existence or non-existence 
indicates the presence of such features. 

.. _`configuration options`: config/index.html

Generally available functionality

 - ``internal_repr(obj)``: return the interpreter-level representation of an
 - ``bytebuffer(length)``: return a new read-write buffer of the given length.
   It works like a simplified array of characters (actually, depending on the
   configuration the ``array`` module internally uses this).

Transparent Proxy Functionality

If `transparent proxies`_ are enabled (with :config:`objspace.std.withtproxy`)
the following functions are put into ``__pypy__``:

 - ``tproxy(typ, controller)``: Return something that looks like it is of type
   typ. Its behaviour is completely controlled by the controller. See the docs
   about `transparent proxies`_ for detail.

 - ``get_tproxy_controller(obj)``: If obj is really a transparent proxy, return
   its controller. Otherwise return None.

.. _`transparent proxies`: objspace-proxies.html#tproxy

Functionality available on (not after translation)

 - ``isfake(obj)``: returns True if ``obj`` is faked.

 - ``interp_pdb()``: start a pdb at interpreter-level.
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