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Armin Rigo 6b85d07 
Samuele Pedroni ea653e0 
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David Schneider 958f05a 

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Maciej Fijalkows… f02ea87 

Samuele Pedroni ea653e0 
Maciej Fijalkows… f02ea87 

Maciej Fijalkows… bbdbb62 
Samuele Pedroni ea653e0 

Armin Rigo 6b85d07 

# nightly test configuration for the paraller runner
import os

    'translator/c', 'translator/jvm', 'rlib',
    'rpython/memory', 'jit/metainterp', 'rpython/test',
    'jit/backend/arm', 'jit/backend/x86',

def collect_one_testdir(testdirs, reldir, tests):
    for dir in DIRS_SPLIT:
        if reldir.startswith(dir):

_cherrypick = os.getenv('PYPYCHERRYPICK', '')
if _cherrypick:
    cherrypick = _cherrypick.split(':')
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