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from pypy.interpreter.mixedmodule import MixedModule
import os
import signal as cpy_signal

class Module(MixedModule):
    interpleveldefs = {
        'signal':              'interp_signal.signal',
        'getsignal':           'interp_signal.getsignal',
        'set_wakeup_fd':       'interp_signal.set_wakeup_fd',
        'NSIG':                'space.wrap(interp_signal.NSIG)',
        'SIG_DFL':             'space.wrap(interp_signal.SIG_DFL)',
        'SIG_IGN':             'space.wrap(interp_signal.SIG_IGN)',
        'default_int_handler': 'interp_signal.default_int_handler',
        'ItimerError':         'interp_signal.get_itimer_error(space)',

    if == 'posix':
        interpleveldefs['alarm'] = 'interp_signal.alarm'
        interpleveldefs['pause'] = 'interp_signal.pause'
        interpleveldefs['siginterrupt'] = 'interp_signal.siginterrupt'

    if == 'posix':
        interpleveldefs['setitimer'] = 'interp_signal.setitimer'
        interpleveldefs['getitimer'] = 'interp_signal.getitimer'
        for name in ['ITIMER_REAL', 'ITIMER_VIRTUAL', 'ITIMER_PROF']:
            interpleveldefs[name] = 'space.wrap(interp_signal.%s)' % (name,)

    appleveldefs = {

    def buildloaders(cls):
        from rpython.rlib import rsignal

        for name in rsignal.signal_names:
            signum = getattr(rsignal, name)
            if signum is not None:
                Module.interpleveldefs[name] = 'space.wrap(%d)' % (signum,)
        super(Module, cls).buildloaders()
    buildloaders = classmethod(buildloaders)

    def __init__(self, space, *args):
        from pypy.module.signal import interp_signal
        MixedModule.__init__(self, space, *args)
        # add the signal-checking callback as an action on the space
        space.check_signal_action = interp_signal.CheckSignalAction(space)
        space.actionflag.__class__ = interp_signal.SignalActionFlag
        # xxx yes I know the previous line is a hack