Maciej Fijalkowski committed 026b0ff

fix hashing

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         self.emitted_pure_operations = []
     def optimize_default(self, op):
+        orig_op = op
         op = self.getforwarded(op)
         canfold = op.is_always_pure()
         if op.is_ovf():
             # did we do the exact same operation already?
-            oldop = self.pure_operations.get(op)
+            oldop = self.pure_operations.get(orig_op)
             if oldop is not None:
-                self.replace(op, oldop)
+                self.optimizer.replace(op, oldop)
-                self.pure_operations.set(op, op)
+                self.pure_operations.set(orig_op, op)
         # otherwise, the operation remains


         ops = """
         i1 = int_is_true(i0)
-        guard_true(i1) []
+        guard_true(i1)
         i2 = int_is_true(i0)
-        guard_true(i2) []
+        guard_true(i2)
         expected = """
         i1 = int_is_true(i0)
-        guard_true(i1) []
+        guard_true(i1)
         self.optimize_loop(ops, expected)


 from pypy.jit.metainterp.resoperation import opclasses, opclasses_mutable, rop,\
      INT, REF, ConstInt, Const
 from pypy.jit.metainterp.optimizeopt.intutils import ImmutableIntUnbounded,\
-     ConstantIntBound
+     ConstantIntBound, IntBound
 class __extend__(ConstInt):
     def getintbound(self):
         return False
     def int_is_nonnull(self):
-        xxx
+        intbound = self.getintbound()
+        if intbound is not None:
+            if intbound.known_gt(IntBound(0, 0)) or \
+               intbound.known_lt(IntBound(0, 0)):
+                return True
+            return False
+        return False
     def ref_is_null(self):
         return False
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