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David Schneider  committed 03316d2

make this check stricter for soft-float and move the function address to
another register whenever it is stored in a register used for arguments, as it
might get overwritten later by a float copied to such a register.

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  • Parent commits 0bb98de
  • Branches emit-call-arm

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File rpython/jit/backend/arm/callbuilder.py

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         # or on the stack, which we can not access later
         # If this happens to be the case we remap the register to r4 and use r4
         # to call the function
-        if self.fnloc in non_float_regs or self.fnloc.is_stack():
+        if self.fnloc in r.argument_regs or self.fnloc.is_stack():
             self.fnloc = r.r4