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Armin Rigo  committed 039f6e8

hg backout d801b8e5feac

This was changed in the first place because of some minor difference
between CPython's and PyPy's CFFI. I guess it should be fixed in
CPython's CFFI too, but too late: 0.6 is out.

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File lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py

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     const char **pzTail     /* OUT: Pointer to unused portion of zSql */
-void sqlite3_result_blob(sqlite3_context*, const void*, int, void(*)(void*));
+void sqlite3_result_blob(sqlite3_context*, const char*, int, void(*)(void*));
 void sqlite3_result_double(sqlite3_context*, double);
 void sqlite3_result_error(sqlite3_context*, const char*, int);
 void sqlite3_result_error16(sqlite3_context*, const void*, int);