Armin Rigo  committed 0641fde

Tentative: make sure that all PyFrame instances are actually
instances of the (same) subclass.

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File pypy/interpreter/

     escaped                  = False  # see mark_as_escaped()
     def __init__(self, space, code, w_globals, closure):
+        if not we_are_translated():
+            assert type(self) in (space.FrameClass, CPythonFrame), (
+                "use space.FrameClass(), not directly PyFrame()")
         self = hint(self, access_directly=True, fresh_virtualizable=True)
         assert isinstance(code, pycode.PyCode)
         self.pycode = code

File pypy/module/cpyext/

     code = space.interp_w(PyCode, w_code)
     w_globals = from_ref(space, py_frame.c_f_globals)
-    frame = PyFrame(space, code, w_globals, closure=None)
+    frame = space.FrameClass(space, code, w_globals, closure=None)
     frame.f_lineno = py_frame.c_f_lineno
     w_obj = space.wrap(frame)
     track_reference(space, py_obj, w_obj)

File pypy/tool/pytest/test/

 from pypy.interpreter.gateway import app2interp_temp
 from pypy.interpreter.argument import Arguments
 from pypy.interpreter.pycode import PyCode
-from pypy.interpreter.pyframe import PyFrame
 from pypy.tool.pytest.appsupport import (AppFrame, build_pytest_assertion,
     AppExceptionInfo, interpret)
 import py
 def test_AppFrame(space):
     import sys
     co = PyCode._from_code(space, somefunc.func_code)
-    pyframe = PyFrame(space, co, space.newdict(), None)
+    pyframe = space.FrameClass(space, co, space.newdict(), None)
     runner = AppFrame(space, pyframe)
     interpret("f = lambda x: x+1", runner, should_fail=False)
     msg = interpret("assert isinstance(f(2), float)", runner)