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+`#pypy on`_
+    Many of the core developers are hanging out here. You are welcome to join
+    and ask questions (if they are not already answered in the :doc:`FAQ
+    <faq>`). You can find logs of the channel here_.
+`Development mailing list`_
+    Development and conceptual discussions
+`Commit mailing list`_
+    Updates to code and documentation
+`Development bug/feature tracker`_
+    Filing bugs and feature requests
+Meeting PyPy developers
+    The PyPy developers are organizing sprints and presenting results at
+    conferences all year round. They will be happy to meet in person with
+    anyone interested in the project. Watch out for sprint announcements on
+    the `development mailing list`_.
+.. _#pypy on irc://
+.. _here:
+.. _Development mailing list:
+.. _Commit mailing list:
+.. _Development bug/feature tracker:
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