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Fix test

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         return None
     def getexportsymbols(self):
-        return self.export_node_names.values() + ['RPython_StartupCode']
+        entrypoint = self.getentrypointptr()
+        if isinstance(entrypoint, (list, tuple)):
+            export_symbols = [self.db.get(fn) for fn in entrypoint]
+        else:
+            export_symbols = [self.db.get(entrypoint)]
+        return export_symbols + ['RPython_StartupCode']
     def compile(self):
         assert self.c_source_filename


         wrapper = miniglobals['wrapper']
         wrapper._annspecialcase_ = 'specialize:ll'
         wrapper._always_inline_ = True
+        wrapper._about = cls
         return func_with_new_name(wrapper, name)
     def annotate_exported_functions(self, annotator):
         return exported_funcptr
     def make_import_module(self, builder, node_names):
-        class Module:
-            pass
+        class Module(object):
+            _annotated = False
+            _exported_classes = self.exported_class.values()
         mod = Module()
         mod.__file__ = builder.so_name
             post_include_bits = forwards
-        for funcname, import_name in builder.export_node_names.items():
+        for funcname, import_name in node_names.items():
             functype = lltype.typeOf(builder.entrypoint[funcname])
             func = make_ll_import_function(import_name, functype, import_eci)
             setattr(mod, funcname, func)


         assert c_fn() == 73.5
     def test_structure_attributes(self):
+        py.test.skip("WIP")
         firstmodule = self.compile_separated(
             "first", S=self.S)
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