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 The cppyy module provides C++ bindings for PyPy by using the reflection
 information extracted from C++ header files by means of the
 `Reflex package`_.
-For this to work, you have to both install Reflex and build PyPy from the
-reflex-support branch.
+For this to work, you have to both install Reflex and build PyPy from source,
+as the cppyy module is not enabled by default.
+Note that the development version of cppyy lives in the reflex-support
 As indicated by this being a branch, support for Reflex is still
 However, it is functional enough to put it in the hands of those who want
 .. _`recent snapshot`: http://cern.ch/wlav/reflex-2012-05-02.tar.bz2
 .. _`gccxml`: http://www.gccxml.org
-Next, get the `PyPy sources`_, select the reflex-support branch, and build.
+Next, get the `PyPy sources`_, optionally select the reflex-support branch,
+and build it.
 For the build to succeed, the ``$ROOTSYS`` environment variable must point to
 the location of your ROOT (or standalone Reflex) installation, or the
 ``root-config`` utility must be accessible through ``PATH`` (e.g. by adding
     $ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy
     $ cd pypy
-    $ hg up reflex-support
+    $ hg up reflex-support         # optional
     $ cd pypy/translator/goal
     $ python translate.py -O jit --gcrootfinder=shadowstack targetpypystandalone.py --withmod-cppyy
   The C++ side will not see any overridden methods on the python side, as
   cross-inheritance is planned but not yet supported.
+* **memory**: C++ instances created by calling their constructor from python
+  are owned by python.
+  You can check/change the ownership with the _python_owns flag that every
+  bound instance carries.
 * **methods**: Are represented as python methods and work as expected.
   They are first class objects and can be bound to an instance.
   Virtual C++ methods work as expected.


 * Write them in RPython as mixedmodule_, using *rffi* as bindings.
-* Write them in C++ and bind them through Reflex_ (EXPERIMENTAL)
+* Write them in C++ and bind them through Reflex_
 .. _ctypes: #CTypes
 .. _\_ffi: #LibFFI
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