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File pypy/doc/cpython_differences.rst

-* Supported by being rewritten in pure Python (possibly using ``ctypes``):
+* Supported by being rewritten in pure Python (possibly using ``cffi``):
   see the `lib_pypy/`_ directory.  Examples of modules that we
   support this way: ``ctypes``, ``cPickle``, ``cmath``, ``dbm``, ``datetime``...
   Note that some modules are both in there and in the list above;
   type and vice versa. For builtin types, a dictionary will be returned that
   cannot be changed (but still looks and behaves like a normal dictionary).
 .. include:: _ref.txt

File pypy/doc/ctypes-implementation.rst

 Here is a list of the limitations and missing features of the
 current implementation:
-* No support for ``PyXxx`` functions from ``libpython``, for obvious reasons.
+* ``ctypes.pythonapi`` lets you access the CPython C API emulation layer
+  of PyPy, at your own risks and without doing anything sensible about
+  the GIL.  Since PyPy 2.3, these functions are also named with an extra
+  "Py", for example ``PyPyInt_FromLong()``.  Basically, don't use this,
+  but it might more or less work in simple cases if you do.  (Obviously,
+  assuming the PyObject pointers you get have any particular fields in
+  any particular order is just going to crash.)
 * We copy Python strings instead of having pointers to raw buffers

File pypy/doc/whatsnew-head.rst

 .. branch: ndarray-buffer
 adds support for the buffer= argument to the ndarray ctor
+.. branch: better_ftime_detect2
+On OpenBSD do not pull in libcompat.a as it is about to be removed.
+And more generally, if you have gettimeofday(2) you will not need ftime(3).

File pypy/module/micronumpy/

         final_strides = arr.get_strides() + strides
         final_backstrides = arr.get_backstrides() + backstrides
         final_dtype = subdtype
-        print,'strides',arr.get_strides(),strides
         if subdtype.subdtype:
             final_dtype = subdtype.subdtype
         return W_NDimArray.new_slice(space, arr.start + ofs, final_strides,

File pypy/module/micronumpy/test/

         exc = raises(IndexError, "a[0][None]")
         assert exc.value.message == "invalid index"
-        exc = raises(IndexError, "a[0][None]")
-        assert exc.value.message == 'invalid index'
         a[0]["x"][0] = 200
         assert a[0]["x"][0] == 200