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some w_self -> self

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     from pypy.objspace.std.complextype import complex_typedef as typedef
     _immutable_fields_ = ['realval', 'imagval']
-    def __init__(w_self, realval=0.0, imgval=0.0):
-        w_self.realval = float(realval)
-        w_self.imagval = float(imgval)
+    def __init__(self, realval=0.0, imgval=0.0):
+        self.realval = float(realval)
+        self.imagval = float(imgval)
-    def unwrap(w_self, space):   # for tests only
-        return complex(w_self.realval, w_self.imagval)
+    def unwrap(self, space):   # for tests only
+        return complex(self.realval, self.imagval)
-    def __repr__(w_self):
+    def __repr__(self):
         """ representation for debugging purposes """
-        return "<W_ComplexObject(%f,%f)>" % (w_self.realval, w_self.imagval)
+        return "<W_ComplexObject(%f,%f)>" % (self.realval, self.imagval)
     def as_tuple(self):
         return (self.realval, self.imagval)


     typedef = float_typedef
-    def __init__(w_self, floatval):
-        w_self.floatval = floatval
+    def __init__(self, floatval):
+        self.floatval = floatval
-    def unwrap(w_self, space):
-        return w_self.floatval
+    def unwrap(self, space):
+        return self.floatval
     def float_w(self, space):
         return self.floatval


     from pypy.objspace.std.longtype import long_typedef as typedef
     _immutable_fields_ = ['longlong']
-    def __init__(w_self, value):
+    def __init__(self, value):
         assert isinstance(value, r_longlong)
-        w_self.longlong = value
+        self.longlong = value
     def fromint(value):
     def frombigint(bigint):
         return W_SmallLongObject(bigint.tolonglong())
-    def asbigint(w_self):
-        return rbigint.fromrarith_int(w_self.longlong)
+    def asbigint(self):
+        return rbigint.fromrarith_int(self.longlong)
     def longval(self):
         return self.longlong
-    def __repr__(w_self):
-        return '<W_SmallLongObject(%d)>' % w_self.longlong
+    def __repr__(self):
+        return '<W_SmallLongObject(%d)>' % self.longlong
-    def int_w(w_self, space):
-        a = w_self.longlong
+    def int_w(self, space):
+        a = self.longlong
         b = intmask(a)
         if b == a:
             return b
             raise OperationError(space.w_OverflowError, space.wrap(
                 "long int too large to convert to int"))
-    def uint_w(w_self, space):
-        a = w_self.longlong
+    def uint_w(self, space):
+        a = self.longlong
         if a < 0:
             raise OperationError(space.w_ValueError, space.wrap(
                 "cannot convert negative integer to unsigned int"))
             raise OperationError(space.w_OverflowError, space.wrap(
                 "long int too large to convert to unsigned int"))
-    def bigint_w(w_self, space):
-        return w_self.asbigint()
+    def bigint_w(self, space):
+        return self.asbigint()
     def float_w(self, space):
         return float(self.longlong)
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