Ronan Lamy committed 26582ea Merge

Merged in vext01/pypy/timeb_h (pull request #202)

OpenBSD will no longer have <sys/timeb.h> soon.

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 .. branch: better_ftime_detect2
 On OpenBSD do not pull in libcompat.a as it is about to be removed.
 And more generally, if you have gettimeofday(2) you will not need ftime(3).
+.. branch: timeb_h
+Remove dependency upon <sys/timeb.h> on OpenBSD. This will be disappearing
+along with libcompat.a.


     FTIME = 'ftime'
     STRUCT_TIMEB = 'struct timeb'
     includes = [TIME_H, 'time.h', 'errno.h', 'sys/select.h',
-                'sys/types.h', 'unistd.h', 'sys/timeb.h',
+                'sys/types.h', 'unistd.h',
                 'sys/time.h', 'sys/resource.h']
+    if not sys.platform.startswith("openbsd"):
+        includes.append('sys/timeb.h')
     need_rusage = True
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