Christian Tismer  committed 26f6f3a

from Armin: a fix in the windows case which does only show up on windows

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File pypy/rpython/lltypesystem/module/

 while VERY_LARGE_FLOAT * 100.0 != INFINITY:
     VERY_LARGE_FLOAT *= 64.0
-_lib_isnan = rffi.llexternal("_isnan", [lltype.Float], lltype.Signed,
-                             compilation_info=eci)
-_lib_finite = rffi.llexternal("_finite", [lltype.Float], lltype.Signed,
-                             compilation_info=eci)
+_lib_isnan = llexternal("_isnan", [lltype.Float], lltype.Signed)
+_lib_finite = llexternal("_finite", [lltype.Float], lltype.Signed)
 def ll_math_isnan(y):
     # By not calling into the external function the JIT can inline this.